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One of the largest of the private companies. Regis tried to sell itself to DCA but the deal fell through. No adverse reports found.

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Regis Group Pty Ltd  




Regis Group formed in 1993 is one of the largest for profit private companies owning 19 nursing homes/hostels/retirement villages in Victoria and Queensland. Its head office is in Victoria. The names of its owners are not disclosed in the press reports or on its web site. It seems to have quite a good track record. By 2006 it was speaking to DCA with a view to selling itself but the deal fell through.

Regis has been growing steadily over the years. By 2002 it had 15 facilities and has added four more since. It has come into conflict with locals who objected to planned developents but I am not aware of any allegations of poor care.

Feb 2002 New home in Queensland

Scheduled for completion later this month, Regis Salisbury is Regis' 15th within Australia and its eighth in South-East Queensland.
She said research indicating a need for an aged care facility in Salisbury had been well-founded with most inquiries coming from people in Sunnybank, Upper Mt Gravatt, Rocklea, Moorooka and Salisbury.
Each low care resident will have their own room and ensuite while high need residents may have shared facilities. Common room facilities, dining areas, a hairdressing salon, premium rooms, and landscaped grounds will also be available.
Jobs on offer. SOUTHERN STAR February 6, 2002

Jul 2003 New home in Victoria

AN $11 million nursing home in Bakers Rd, Dandenong, will open its doors to residents in October after the first stage is completed in September.

The home will include 111 beds, but plans are already in place to extend it to cater for 175 residents.

The private centre will be owned and operated by the Regis Group, which runs six other nursing homes in Victoria and nine in Queensland.
Nursing home to provide 175 beds. Oakleigh Springvale Dandenong times July 23, 2003

Sep 2006 Services offered

We offer a range of services from low, high, dementia, respite and Extra Services care to those with a current ACAT assessment
Regis web site Accessed September 12, 2006

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Buys from Deaf Society

The Deaf Society selected Regis as purchaser when they did not have the money to upgrade their nursing home to meet new government requirements - an example of how this legislation can drive not-for-profit homes into for profit hands.

Mar 2004 Acquiring a not for profit home

THE new owner of Lake Park Nursing Home, which specialises in people with deafness, looks set to be aged-care provider The Regis Group.

The Victorian Deaf Society announced late last year that it could no longer afford to run the nursing home (the Leader, September 10).
"We have ensured that the contracts preserve these interests and allow the society to continue to provide interpreting and cultural services as well as providing Auslan (signing) classes."
He said a multi-million dollar redevelopment to maintain accreditation would need to begin no later than next year.
Regis may operate home Whitehorse Leader March 10, 2004

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Rebuilding to meet new standards

Regis was forced to rebuild some of its own nursing homes.

May 2004 Rebuilding its own homes

The 45-bed high care Regis Sheraton on Nepean Highway has been providing care and accommodation to residents of the Frankston area for more than 30 years, but will not meet the government's 2008 building standards.

The new Regis Sheraton, at the former Karingal high school site, will feature three inter-connecting houses accessible independently or through the main entrance.

There will be a mix of single and shared accommodation designed to meet individual care needs.
"Faced with the choice of expensive renovations at the current site with little opportunity for expanding the facility (the relocation and expansion) is clearly the best option."
Elderly promised beds Frankston Standard/Hastings Leader May 17, 2004

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Dispute over new nursing home

Regis plan to build a large 5 story nursing home on the shores of a scenic lake at Whitehorse in Victoria caused a massive backlash with intense community objection. To Regis credit it has tried to compromise and it looks as if it will build a smaller home and that government and council will buy a buffer between it and the lake. The catalyst for the council allowing some sort of development was probably the threat of permanently losing 60 aged care beds from the region.

Oct 2004 Objection to new nursing home

MORE than 100 angry residents at a public meeting on Sunday confronted the developers of a proposed five-storey purple and green nursing home to be built alongside Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.

The residents, at the site, told representatives of the developers, aged-care provider Regis Group, that the development was like "dumping Box Hill Hospital" next to the lake.

Whitehorse Council has already received 45 objections to the plans.
"It's not right for this area," Mr Packer said. "The trees will end up going and the bird life and flora that make the lake such a beautiful area will disappear once they start digging up the site."
Lake site plan angers `Total overkill' residents Whitehorse Leader October 20, 2004

Nov 2004 Council rejects Regis proposal

SPONTANEOUS applause from more than 200 residents greeted Whitehorse Council's decision to knock back a controversial multi-storey development abutting Blackburn Lake Sanctuary on Monday night.
Development plan rejected Whitehorse Leader November 17, 2004

Mar 2005 Pressure for public purchase of site

BLACKBURN Lake Sanctuary Action Group is calling for the Lake Rd nursing home redevelopment site in Blackburn to be bought and turned over for public use.
Demand for land buyback Whitehorse Leader March 16, 2005

Mar 2005 Likely to lose 60 new beds

WHITEHORSE will miss out on 60 new aged care beds unless the Regis Group can open them within the next two years.

The Regis Group's Lake Park Nursing Home in Blackburn was the only aged care home in Whitehorse to win new bed licences in the Federal Government's latest round announced this month.
Any delay may mean lost beds Whitehorse Leader March 23, 2005

May 2005 Council overruled

COMMUNITY groups opposing a nursing home development near Blackburn Lake Sanctuary have reacted angrily to a Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal decision to support the proposal.
Whitehorse Council had approved the development, but limited site coverage to 42 per cent, set a height limit of two-storeys and increased setbacks from the southern and eastern boundaries, near the sanctuary.

The tribunal overturned the council decision and approved the Regis plans with minor variations to the southern setbacks. It said any benefits from the land becoming part of the sanctuary were not relevant to the decision.
Anger at lake decision Whitehorse Leader May 18, 2005

Jun 2005 Residents protest

WHITEHORSE Mayor George Droutsas says and fellow councillors Hayley Wells and Peter Allan are prepared to knock on every door in Whitehorse to gather at least 5000 signatures to send to Prime Minister John Howard.

The signatures will form a petition calling on the Federal Government to fund a buffer zone between Blackburn Lake Sanctuary and a nursing home redevelopment.
Lake buffer zone sought Whitehorse Leader June 29, 2005

Jun 2006 Compromise

The eight residential lots in Lake Rd and Central Rd would provide a buffer zone around a three-storey nursing home development approved for the site if all parties agree to buy the land from the Regis group.

Blackburn resident groups have been campaigning for the past year to secure federal support, after the State Government and Whitehorse Council each committed to fund a third of the purchase in June 2005.
Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Action Group chairman Norm Winn said residents had stepped up their campaign in the past three weeks, after Regis signalled it might take the land off the market.
Hope for lake land deal Whitehorse Leader June 14, 2006

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Regis and DCA

Regis tried to sell itself to DCA so further consolidating the market but this fell through soon after DCA's shares took a tumble - and DCA then sold itself to Citigroup. Regis then sold villages in Maroochydore and Mackay suggesting it was looking for capital.

May 2006 DCA wants to buy

In May, the company (DCA) announced it was in negotiations to buy Regis Group, a private aged-care operator with 1575 beds in 18 facilities and an extensive portfolio of aged-care development and construction projects.
Time for a health check BRW May 25, 2006

Aug2006 Sale falls through

Fresh from fruitless negotiations to sell its aged care business, Regis Group has sold two Queensland retirement villages to the PrimeLiving Trust.
Early last month the DCA Group broke off acquisition talks with Regis for its aged-care business, saying an agreed price could not be reached. The retirement villages bought by the PLT were not part of that proposed deal.
Trust buys Regis homes Australian Financial Review August 1, 2006

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Regis Merges with Macquarie bank's Retirement Care Australia (RCA)

May 2007 Regis sells itself to Macquarie

MACQUARIE BANK'S Macquarie Capital Alliance Group yesterday announced a $220 million agreement with Regis Group to meld its Retirement Care Australia business with the aged-care provider.
Merger makes MacBank No.2 aged-care provider Sydney Morning Herald May 17, 2007

Aug 2008 Merger finalised

The merger between the Regis Group (Regis) and, Macquarie Capital Alliance Group, parent entity of Retirement Care Australia (RCA) has proceeded as planned on July 2, 2007.
Regis and Retirement Care Australia merger progresses to the next phase. Regis web site Accessed Aug 2008

The merger with RCA and the manner in which it dealt with residents and staff soon after is addressed on the RCA page

Regis web site is at

For Updates:- A good way to check for recent developments in aged care is to go to the aged care crisis group's search page and enter the name of the company, nursing home or key words relating to any other matter in the search box. Most significant press reports are flagged there. The aged care crisis web site has recently been restructured and some of the older links used from this site may not work.

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