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Printing Instructions

Page formats

All pages on the web site use Verdana font for on screen legibility. Older pages use a background colour. Extracts from the press and other sources are in colour to make them more easily distinguished. They are intended to be read from a computer monitor in varying depth. They can be skimmed rapidly by those looking for information. They are most legible in Safari and Firefox. I have not tried others but newer windows versions of Internet Explorer should be fine.

The most recent pages use only a white background and black text. They have coloured tables and bars for links and divisions between quotes and sections.

Some have complained to me that because of the background colour pages do not print legibly as the background colour obscures the text. My impression is that most browsers will now print without background and in black abnd white or can be set to do so. I have no trouble. If all else fails here are some suggestions.

To Print

Use the preview option to see what you are getting. You should be able to set your browser so that it does not print background colours. Mine are set that way by default. If the coloured text is less legible or uses up ink then set it to print in black and white, or grey scale.

To reformat for optimal printing or if all else fails

Use your browser's view menu to view and then save a "Source" or "html" file to your disk. This can then be loaded into a program like Microsoft Word or a web authoring program and altered for printing.

Procedure in Microsoft Word

1. Set the background to default to get rid of the coloured background. If tables or bars have a background colour then select them and do the same. Alternately simply delete them.

2. Select all the text then

a. Set text colour to default

b. Set font to "Times", "Times New Roman" or other print font. Adjust font size to suit.

3. Print in the normal way