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University of Wollongong. School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics

University of Wollongong publicity photograph, February 2004.
                   Mark as a pirate complete with parrot. June 2008.
Photograph by Ian Svegovic (circa February 2004) Read the story behind the photograph. Image created by Lisa Huxley, June 2008. Inspired by Mark's comments in MATH151 about not forgetting to include the constant of integration.


Teaching material

  1. Teaching. (not updated for many years as we were informed to move all teaching resources to our online system (currently moodle)).
  2. Six credit-point projects (*)
  3. Twelve credit-point projects (**)
  4. Masters projects (masters by course-work)

* These projects are for advanced mathematics students, students with summer scholarships and masters-by-coursework students (minor project).
** These projects are for honours students and masters-by-coursework students (major project).


My research interests are currently in the following areas:

% In the past I've also worked in other areas, most noticeable combustion and fire engineering.

  1. Publications.
  2. A list of the keywords used in my first 127 papers.
  3. PhD Students supervised.
  4. PhD Students currently supervised.
  5. Masters (by research) students supervised.
  6. Peer recognition.
  7. Employment History
  8. My collaborators.
  9. Two old pages that I no longer update.

  10. Research Interests.
  11. Short articles on some topics related to my research interests.


  1. Mathematical modelling in biology and medicine: a one-day workshop (29th November 2016).
  2. (abstracts).
  3. 2nd Mathematical Modelling in Biology and Medicine Workshop (29th November 2016, report on meeting).


  1. A History of the NSW ANZIAM branch.
  2. A Very Short History of the Engineering Mathematics Group (EMG)
  3. Reviews of books on nonlinear mathematics.
  4. Non-academic material.
  5. Photographs.

I am:

MIN as Ned Kelly, August 2009.
Image created by Rodney van Bentum, Joanna Herrimann and Andrew Holder


School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics,
Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences,
University of Wollongong,
Northfields Avenue,
NSW 2522

Phone: (61)-2-4221-4400
Fax: (61)-2-4221-4845

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