This page contains links to various short `articles' related to my research interests (current and past). These articles are generally extracted from my papers and provide a short overview of a particularly topic.

  1. Chemical Reactor Engineering. Bioreactors: A quick introduction.
  2. Chemical Reactor Engineering. Bioreactors: Models based upon Monod kinetics.
  3. Chemical Reacator Engineering. Contois growth kinetics.
  4. Chemical Reacator Engineering. Tessier growth kinetics.
  5. Chemical Reacator Engineering. Variable substrate yield.
  6. Combustion of polymers: The critical mass flux concept.
  7. Combustion of polymers: The dynamical systems concept of smouldering combustion.
  8. Combustion of polymers: Oxygen-Index Methods.
  9. Combustion of polymers: Retardancy due to char formation and addition of inert fillers.
  10. Combustion of polymers: Retardancy due to char formation.
  11. Combustion of polymers: A short introduction to the polymer combustion and testing methods.
  12. The CSTR: Adiabatic operation of a CSTR.
  13. The CSTR: Models for heterogeneous catalysis.
  14. The CSTR: Models for homogeneous combustion.
  15. The CSTR: Using the CSTR to investigate the oxidation of hydrocarbons.
  16. Mechanisms for hydrocarbon oxidation: The Sal'nikov thermokinetic oscillator (well-stirred systems).
  17. Misc: Non-dimensionalising combustion problems: Why the Frank-Kamenetskii variables lost favour.
  18. Singularity theory with a distinguished parameter.

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