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This page gives a year by year outline of Sonic's progress and a list of references

 Australian section   


Chronological Account and References







1948 incorporated in Victoria as Gunnersen Nosworthy Ltd.

1961 Delisted

1987 Acquired Douglas Laboratories in Sydney where Colin Goldschmidt was a histopathologist. Lists on share market.

June 1990 Share price 5 cents (all time low had been 3 cents)

1992 Michael Boyd pays $4 million for for 23% of Sonic, which is still primarily a failing mining technology business. He switches Sonic into pathology and Goldschmidt becomes CEO. Sonic merges its Adelaide operations with Clinpath Laboratories Pty Ltd with an option to buy. (By 2005, 13 years later Boyd's shares were worth $255 million)

1993 Acquires Macquarie Laboratories Pty Ltd in Sydney

1994 Exercises option and buys Clinipath for $521,830. Acquires Tan pathology.

1995 Share price 55 cents. Changes its name from Sonic Technology Australia Ltd to Sonic Healthcare Ltd. Acquires Pathlab in Adelaide.

1996 The merger involving Hanly Moir and Barratt and Smith practices,

Feb 1996 Trading at 82 cents - high turnover of shares.

Sept/Oct/Nov 1996 Has become the darling of the sector and is now the largest pathology group in Australia. Share price $1.70

June 1997 Expands into Indonesia in joint venture health project to provide automated PAP smears. Buys Lifescreen Australia.

October 1997 Buys Lifescreen Australia Pty Ltd, a national health evaluation service used by 23 large life insurers.

February 1998 Share price reaches about $2 moving up to $2.89 by the beginning of 1999. Sonic focuses on solid profits from existing operations rather than expansion. Acquires Exelpath Mobile Paramedical services.

May 1998 Spins off the company Silex Systems which raises $4 million in a float.

(Between 1992 and 1999, sales increased from $12 million to $175 million.)

February 1999 Sonic is making record profits. It starts expanding again and buys Southern Pathology Services in Wollongong and Australian Diagnostic Laboratories in Sydney from Alpha Healthcare. Sonic has absorbed 5 pathology groups over 5 years. Michael Boyd's $4 million investment is now worth $80 million. Its share price rises to an all-time high of $3.20. Expands in SciGen, a pharmaceutical company in Singapore.

Sonic sees the privatisation of public hospital pathology, particularly in Victoria as a growth area.

March/April 1999 One of Sonic's section wins prize for customer service and rapid turn-around time. Barry Patterson's original $1 million investment in Sonic and Silex is now worth $60 million.

August 1999 Announces profit increase of 52%

September/October 1999 Outbids Mayne by paying $502.7 million to buy Swiss group Societe Generale de Surveillance SA's Australasian diagnostics operations. Sonic had been overtaken by Mayne but this doubles its size and makes it the biggest operator of pathology services in Australia - 35%. It now has a presence in every state and had also acquires facilities in New Zealand, where its holding includes its first radiology business. Sonic's shares rise to $6 and then to $6.70 in October and $7.51 in December. It goes to the market to raise some of the capital needed. Southern Pathology, a NSW subsidiary of Sonic Healthcare Ltd. wins a 1999 Australian Quality Awards for Business Excellence.


Jan 2000 Michael Boyd resigns as chairman and also as a director of Sonic Healthcare to pursue his other businesses. He is replaced by father in law Barry Patterson

April 2000 Acquires Hitech Pathology.

May 2000 Sonic feels its referral base is threatened by the buy up of GP practices by competitors and indicates a reversal of previous policy with plans to go into GP management. Goldschmidt does not want to compete with his referral base but sees no way around it.

July 2000 Goldschmidt resolves his dilemma. Sonic buys a 10% holding in Foundation Healthcare, a General Practice company formed by Boyd. It forms an alliance in which Foundation will manage the GP practices and Sonic has the right to provide services to these medical centres. Goldschmidt joined Foundation board and Boyd joins Sonic board again.

Sonic will expand into radiology and supply radiology services as well. Boyd's other company LifeCare will provide allied health services and dentistry. They claim that by having three separate companies they are not having vertical integration. (All parties strenuously assert this) Sonic will at least not appear to be competing with the GP's who refer to it. Foundation's GP will have shares in Foundation but not in Sonic. Sonic will buy Foundations pathology operations.

August 2000 Sonic buys Pacific Medical Imaging's Australian and New Zealand operations. This is its first move into radiology in Australia. This move gives it 5-6% of the market. It goes to the market for $100 million to fund this. Foundation buys 10% of LifeCare. Boyd is the major shareholder and also a director of all three companies.

November 2000 Profits still growing and share price reaches $8.30. Announces merger with Radclin Medical Imaging, the largest privately-owned radiology practice in Victoria. 55 percent of Sonic's offer is made up of shares with the remaining 45 percent cash. Also buys Queensland X-ray using a combination of cash and shares. The share price goes to $9.10. Sonic declines to reveal how much it paid for the three radiology practices in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

December 2000 Sixty-four pathologists sell 48.4 million of Sonic shares -- $756,000 each.


February 2001 Sonic indicates its plan to buy Clinipath Pathology and Bunbury Pathology from Foundation which claims that pathology does not fit with its main focus. Sigma Pharmacology joins the alliance which will provide services in Foundation medical centres.

March 2001 Sonic planned to float its Singapore business Singapore-based pharmaceutical subsidiary SciGen Pte Ltd. retaining a 40% interest. It abandons this due to rocky market conditions.

May 2001 The purchase of Radclin Medical Imaging, Sonic radiology's foray into Victoria fails and the radiology business is purchased by its rival Medical Imaging Australasia.

June 2001 Sonic reaches a deal with Foundation to buy Clinipath Pathology , Bunbury Pathology, La Trobe Network Pathology and E-Radiology.

July 2001 Buys SKG Radiology, the largest in WA for cash and shares (35%).

August 2001 Purchases the pathology assets of Cairns Pathology Laboratory In north Queensland.

November 2001 Sonic's profits are up 40% and it plans to expand internationally. Europe, the USA, Canada and Asia are considered potential sites. It goes to the market for another $150 million to pay down debt and put it in a position to expand further. The press speculates about likely targets across the globe.


March 2002 Sonic has purchased The Doctor's Laboratory (TDL) for $180 million. TDL is a London pathology business supplying services throughout the U.K. It plans to build a large state of the art laboratory in London so that it can bid for contracts to supply services to the NHS.

May 2002 LifeCare and Foundation Healthcare merge and soon after the resulting entity is renamed Independent Practitioner Network (IPN).

April 2002 Sonic reports that its half year profits have fallen. By July its September 2001 share price of $9 had halved. Investors were angry that Sonic did not flag its losses earlier and allowed expectations to run ahead of reality. The loss was in Victoria due to Mayne's takeover of AHC hospitals which had supported Sonic. It should have been anticipated. By the end of the year share prices had recovered.

November 2002 Spins off Singapore company SciGen and takes up an option to own 10% of LifeCare.


April 2003 Increases holding in the now merged Foundation and LifeCare companies to 18.5%. The merged company has been renamed Independent Practitioner Network (IPN).

June 2003 Acquires Omnilabs Pathology in UK from MIA and enters agreement for joint developments when tendering for National Health (NHS) contracts.

July 2003 Commences reports to doctors using internet. Federal government agrees to a profitable Medicare funding increase for radiology.

August 2003 Enters agreement with University College London Hospital NHS Trust (UCLH) to open a high-volume, state-of-the-art automated pathology laboratory at TDL's new premises in London. Omnilabs is to be merged into TDL. In Australia Primary Healthcare buys 9.2% of IPN threatening a takeover bid. It increases this quietly to 20%.

September 2003 Michael Boyd ceases to be a director.

November 2003 Acquires Brisbane-based private radiology practice, Southside Diagnostic Services Group.


April 2004 Acquires 56% of Schottdorf Group pathology business in Germany. Agreement for users of Medical Director in Australia to order services from Sonic over internet.

June 2004 Primary Healthcare mounts a hostile bid for control of IPN threatening Sonic's referral base. Sonic is forced to mount a counter bid for control of IPN.

July 2004 Primary abandons its takeover bid selling its shares in IPN to Sonic at a profit. Sonic ends up as a 72% owner of IPN.

October 2004 Sonic buys Endeavour Healthcare's Accord Pathology business and IPN buys its general practitioner business.


March 2005 Gives up the charade and its claims about not owning GPs and so competing with its referral base. Sonic buys the remainder of IPN.

August 2005 Buys 80% stake in Texas based US company Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) Inc.

September 2005 A planned merger with New Zealand Diagnostic Group Ltd is blocked by authorities in that country on competition grounds.


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