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How to boot the storage system

The storage system automatically boots Data ONTAP from a PC CompactFlash Card or from disk. The system has a PC CompactFlash card, shipped with the current Data ONTAP release and a diagnostic kernel in a single File Allocation Table (FAT) partition. The CompactFlash card contains sufficient space for an upgrade kernel.

The storage system can be upgraded to the most recent Data ONTAP release. When you install new software, the download command copies a boot kernel to the CompactFlash card—not to a boot block on disk, as in some prior system models. For more information, see the Data ONTAP Upgrade Guide.

Note: Single partitions were introduced in Data ONTAP 6.5. Prior to that, CompactFlash cards had four partitions. If you are upgrading your storage system from a version of Data ONTAP earlier than 7.0, your storage system will repartition the CompactFlash card. This allows the existing 32-MB CompactFlash to accommodate the size of the new kernel. Support for single partitions also includes support for larger 256-MB cards. For information about how to upgrade the CompactFlash card in your storage system, see the Data ONTAP Upgrade Guide.