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Booting Data ONTAP remotely

If your storage system has a Remote LAN Module (RLM) or a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), you can boot Data ONTAP remotely.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • At any UNIX or Windows host connected to the storage system (assuming the appropriate secure shell protocol application is installed), entering the following command to log in to the RLM or the BMC: ssh username@RLM_or_BMC_IP_address
    • From a Windows host, open a Windows session with PuTTY with the ssh setting selected, and the username and the RLM or BMC IP address in the appropriate fields.

    The RLM or BMC prompt appears. RLM toaster> bmc shell ->

  2. If the storage system is turned off, enter the following command at the RLM or BMC prompt: system power on
  3. At the RLM or BMC prompt, enter the following command:system console

    The storage system prompt appears. toaster>

  4. If you want to boot the storage system automatically in normal mode, enter the following command at the storage system prompt and allow the storage system to reboot uninterrupted: reboot
  5. If you want to select from a menu of alternative boot modes, do the following:
    1. At the storage system prompt, enter the following command:halt

      The storage system console displays the boot environment prompt.

    1. Enter one of the following commands:
    To boot... Enter...

    The current release of Data ONTAP


    The Data ONTAP primary kernel


    The Data ONTAP backup kernel