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Recovering from a corrupted CompactFlash image

You can recover from a corrupted CompactFlash image for a storage system with RLM installed or for a storage system with a built-in BMC.


  1. Log in to the RLM or the BMC by entering the following command at the administration host. ssh username@RLM_or_BMC_IP_address

    The RLM or BMC prompt appears. RLM toaster>bmc shell ->

  2. At the RLM or BMC prompt, enter the following command:system reboot backup

    The following prompt is displayed:This will cause a dirty shutdown of your appliance. Continue? [y/n]

  3. Enter y to continue.

    The storage system shuts down abruptly. If the NVRAM contains data, the RED internal LED (seen through the face plate of the system) blinks. When the system is rebooted, the NVRAM automatically and transparently replays the data transactions.