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Bachelor of Science

Testamur Title of Degree:

Bachelor of Science



Home Faculty:



Minimum 3 years full-time or part-time equivalent
(Full-time duration could vary depending on the major chosen, please see entry requirements for more information)

Total Credit Points:


Delivery Mode:

On campus (Face-to-face)

Starting Session(s):

Autumn or Spring



UOW Course Code:


UAC Code:





Students may gain a comprehensive education in Science by selecting a major study and a range of elective subjects. The major areas of study comprise: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, Geosciences, Human Geography and Physical Geography. Other interdisciplinary majors are Conservation Biology, Environment, Land and Heritage Management, Medical Biotechnology, Medicinal Chemistry and Nanotechnology.

The flexible structure of the major and electives allows students to design their study program to meet their particular interests and abilities. Students may combine their chosen Science major with a second major chosen from outside the Faculty, or with a range of elective subjects.

Entry Requirements

Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 75 (or equivalent). The ATAR is reviewed each year.

Mid-Year Entry

Mid-year entry for the Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Conservation Biology, Environment, Medical Biotechnology, Medicinal Chemistry or Nanotechnology) must be in consultation with the relevant Head of the School. For these majors, the minimum duration to complete the degree after mid-year entry is 3½ years full-time or part-time equivalent.

Assumed Knowledge

Mathematics and any two units of Science. Students who have not completed Biology and/or Chemistry at the HSC are strongly recommended to enrol in bridging courses offered in February each year.

Faculty of Science Mathematics Requirement

Students without at least HSC Mathematics Band 4 (or equivalent) are required to take a Mathematics subject (usually MATH151) in the first year.

Course Requirements

The requirements for a Bachelor of Science can be met by completing a flexible major which may be combined with a second major from another Faculty; or a prescribed major.

Flexible Majors

One major chosen from disciplines located in the Faculty of Science. A major study consists of at least 90 credit points from the Science Schedule including the specified core subjects for one of the Bachelor of Science disciplines:

The balance of 54 credit points (to a degree total of 144) may be chosen from either the Science Schedule or General Schedule and may include a selection of complementary or contrasting subjects, or other subjects with the approval of the Dean or Associate Dean. A minimum of 32 credit points at 300-level is required.

    Second Major from another Faculty

    By selecting an appropriate combination of subjects, students may satisfy requirements for a major from another Faculty. Students should consult the Faculty offering the major to confirm requirements.

Prescribed Majors

One of the six interdisciplinary, prescribed majors where the course program is prescribed for each year.

For the Bachelor of Science (Physics): Refer to the Faculty of Engineering.


Students with a good academic record, particularly in third year, are encouraged to proceed to the Honours year in the discipline of their major. The Honours year is a fourth year of study that provides training in independent research.

For further information refer to the separate entry for the Bachelor of Science Honours (741).

Other Information

The Degree Coordinator is the Associate Dean, Associate Professor Paul Carr, telephone +61 2 4221 3804, email: pcarr@uow.edu.au.

Students who have not declared a major should seek advice from the Associate Dean.

Students who have declared a major should contact an Academic Advisor in the relevant School.

For further information contact the Faculty of Science Office, or telephone +61 2 4221 3530.