Incomplete mixing (2009-present)

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Background and information


Incomplete mixing Published papers

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    Referred conference papers

  1. A.H. Msmalip and M.I. Nelson. A model for incomplete mixing in a bioreactor. In Proceedings of the 38th Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference, CHEMECA 2010, (on CDROM), Engineers Australia, 2010. ISBN 978-085-825-9713.
  2. A.H. Msmali p, M.I. Nelson and J. Kavanagh. The effect of incomplete mixing upon the performance of a membrane-coupled anaerobic fermentor. In Proceedings of the Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference, CHEMECA 2011, pages 1--12. Engineers Australia, 2011. On CDROM. ISBN 978 085 825 9225.

Highlights of research

  1. Showed that in a two-parameter segregation model that as the degree of mixing increases from zero (which is a one-parameter `dead-volume' model) to infinity (which is a perfect mixing model) there is a region in which the effluent concentration is lower than with no mixing. Thus there is a critical value of the mixing parameter (δcr) and if the mixing parameter is lower than this value (δ < δcr)) the performance of the reactor is worse than if there is no mixing. (Msmali and Nelson, 2010).


John Kavanagh 2011-Present
Ahmed H. Msmali (PhD student) 2009-Present

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