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* Personal details about me.
* The news on the internet.
* My honours project!
* Programming for the internet.
* Hong Kong News

This page has been written in 1994 (thats almost 20 years ago) and was original meant to be a nicer way to present my bookmarks. At that time, the best browser was Mosaic, no Photoshop nor HTLM-editor were available, and everything had to be made by hand. Only a few changes were made to this page since. This includes added javascript support and link updates.Here are links to pages that I wrote more recently APODS MARCO

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That's me!
Personal details.
Resume, etc.

Internet news
Read the

We all
love it.

Software databases
Software, Games
and Entertainment

A Brain cell
Artificial Neural

The Australian national flag
Everything about

Weather forecasts

About mountain hiking,
climbing and skiing.

Solar system
The most comprehensive
Solar System Home Page

Other Topics:

PACIFIC exchange rate service.
The coolest sites on the web
An Internet Videotext Service.
To the home page of my girlfriend. -- last update: Feb 18, 1998