DON'T TOUCH ME! Hello my name is Man Ping Liu and this is the first HTML page I ever wrote. Here I've put an sample link to my favorite home page.
I currently live in Hong Kong where I found work as an accountant at a large company. Food is very good here but the air is often polluted and it's very crowded. People live together like fish in a tin can except that they talk more. I have spent a couple of years in Wollongong (Australia) where I successfully completed the Bachelor of Accountancy degree. I enjoyed the time in Australia very much especially as I met my boyfriend there. Australia is huge, the air is clean and the people are friendly. We are trying to migrate there as we are sure that we can have a much brighter future there.
The next picture shows me and my boyfriend sitting on the lawn in front of the building of the University of Sydney. We actually studied at the University of Wollongong about 80km south of Sydney.
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Sorry, this page is still under construction. The orderly formated part ends here.

Now let me tell you something about the secret of M&M. M&M is not only a chocolate that doesn't melt in the hand but also the initials for Mickey and Minnie - and - for Mandy and Markus. M&M has become a symbol of our relationship reflecting sweetness and closeness.

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