I have taught and/or coordinated the following subjects:

@University of Wollongong (since 2009)

  • CSIT314 Software Development Methodologies
  • CSIT214 IT Project Management
  • CSCI334 Software Design
  • CSCI311 Software Process Management
  • CSCI222 Systems Development
  • CSCI321 Final Year's Project
  • CSCI450/CSCI928 Software Engineering Requirements and Specifications
  • CSCI927 Service Oriented Software Engineering
  • CSCI204 Object and Generic Programming in C++


@RMIT University, Vietnam (2003 - 2005)

  • ISYS2155 Software Engineering Project (Final year)
  • ISYS2101 Software Engineering Project (Semester 4)
  • ISYS2091 Foundation of Software Engineering (aka. Formal Methods)
  • ISYS2089 Software Engineering Analysis and Design
  • ISYS2092 Software Verification and Validation
  • COSC2133 User Interface Programming