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Displaying FlexScale usage and access information

You can display usage and access information for FlexScale, have output produced periodically, and terminate the output after a specified number of iterations.


  1. Enter the following command: stats show -p flexscale-access [-i interval] [-n num]

    • If no options are used, a single one-second snapshot of statistics is used.
    • -i interval specifies that output is to be produced periodically, with an interval of interval seconds between each set of output.
    • -n num terminates the output after num number of iterations, when the -i option is also used. If no num value is specified, the output runs forever until a user issues a break.
    • Press Ctrl-C to interrupt output.


    The following example shows sample output from the stats show -p flexscale-access command:

    Cache                                         Reads       Writes
    Usage    Hit   Miss Hit Evict Inval Insert Chain Blocks Chain Blocks
        %     /s     /s   %    /s    /s     /s    /s     /s    /s     /s
       70      0      0   0     0     0      0     0      0     0      0
       70      0      0   0     0     0      0     0      0     0      0


    The following command displays FlexScale access and usage information once every 10 seconds for 5 times: stats show -p flexscale-access -i 10 -n 5