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How to increase WAFL cache memory by using FlexScale

You can increase Write Anywhere File Layout (WAFL) cache memory in storage systems running Data ONTAP by using FlexScale, which includes the Performance Accelerator Module as the hardware component and the WAFL extended cache as the software component. FlexScale needs to be licensed.

FlexScale provides extra WAFL cache memory to improve the performance of the storage system by reducing disk reads. The options flexscale commands enable you to control how user data blocks are cached.
Note: Not all systems have the Performance Accelerator Module installed, and therefore, not all systems have the WAFL extended cache functionality that FlexScale provides.

If you use FlexScale on active/active storage systems, you must ensure that FlexScale options are the same on both nodes. Otherwise, a takeover can result in lower performance due to the lack of FlexScale on the remaining cluster node.