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How to troubleshoot the storage system with the BMC

When you encounter a problem with the storage system, you can use the BMC to display information about the problem, dump a system core, and reboot the storage system, even if the storage system's firmware is corrupted.

Use the following table as a guideline for troubleshooting a storage system.

If this condition occurs... And you want to... Enter this command at the BMC CLI prompt...
The storage system is not responding properly Access the storage system console system console
You receive an AutoSupport message for an event that is occurring or has occurred, such as the failure of a hardware component or a storage system that has panicked and is down. Display what has occurred at the storage system console system log
Display all events, starting with most recent events all
Display a specific number of recent events events show [N

events latest number

Search for specific events in the SEL events search [attr=N]
The storage system is hanging Dump the system core and reboot the storage system system core
Power-cycle the storage system system power cycle
The storage system firmware is corrupted Boot using a backup copy of the storage system firmware system reset backup
Note: Requires advanced mode.