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Aggregate Snapshot copy management

An aggregate Snapshot copy is a point-in-time, read-only image of an aggregate. It is similar to a volume Snapshot copy, except that it captures the contents of the entire aggregate, rather than any particular volume. You use aggregate Snapshot copies when the contents of an entire aggregate need to be recorded. However, you do not restore data directly from an aggregate Snapshot copy. To restore data, you use a volume Snapshot copy.

You use aggregate Snapshot copies in the following situations:
  • If you are using MetroCluster or RAID SyncMirror and you need to break the mirror, an aggregate Snapshot copy is created automatically before breaking the mirror to decrease the time it takes to resync the mirror later.
  • If you are making a global change to your storage system, and you want to be able to restore the entire system state if the change produces unexpected results, you take an aggregate Snapshot copy before making the change.
  • If the aggregate file system becomes inconsistent, aggregate Snapshot copies can be used by technical support to restore the file system to a consistent state.

For more information about Snapshot copies, see the Data ONTAP Data Protection Online Backup and Recovery Guide.