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AutoSupport messages for systems with RLM

For storage systems with RLM, there are two additional types of AutoSupport messages—RLM-generated AutoSupport messages about the storage system, and storage system-generated AutoSupport messages about the RLM.

RLM-generated AutoSupport messages include the following information:

Typical RLM-generated AutoSupport messages occur in the following conditions:
  • The storage system reboots unexpectedly.
  • The storage system stops communicating with the RLM.
  • A watchdog reset occurs.

    The watchdog is a built-in hardware sensor that monitors the storage system for a hung or unresponsive condition. If the watchdog detects this condition, it resets the storage system so the system can automatically reboot and begin functioning. This feature is sometimes called automatic server restart.

    When the RLM detects a watchdog-generated event occurs on the storage system, it logs this event and, if needed, sends an AutoSupport alert for this event.

  • The storage system is power-cycled.
  • Firmware POST errors occur.
  • A user-initiated AutoSupport message occurs.
Storage system-generated AutoSupport messages include the following information:
  • In the subject line—A system notification from the name of the storage system with the RLM, a description of the RLM condition or event that caused the AutoSupport message, and the log level.
  • In the message body—A time stamp, the system software version and storage system ID, host name, and output from the sysconfig -a command
  • In the gzipped attachments—messages from EMS, rc, exports, hosts, resolv_conf, nsswitch_conf, and cm_stats
Typical storage system AutoSupport messages about the RLM occur in the following conditions:
  • The RLM stops communication with the storage system.
  • The RLM software fails.
  • The RLM hardware fails.