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Assigning roles to groups by creating or modifying a group

You can create or modify a group, giving that group the capabilities associated with one or more predefined or customized roles.


When you use the useradmin group modify command to modify an existing group, whatever roles were previously assigned to that group are replaced with the roles you supply in the command.


  1. Use the useradmin group add command to create a new group or the useradmin group modify command modify a group, by entering the following command: useradmin group {add|modify} group_name [-c comments] [-r {custom_role|root|admin|power|audit}[,...]]

    group_name is the group that you want to create or to which you want to assign one or more roles. Group names are case insensitive and can be up to 256 characters.

    Note: Do not create groups with the same name as any of the Windows special groups or any existing users.

    custom_role is a customized role with capabilities assigned through the useradmin role add command.

    root | admin | power | audit are roles predefined by Data ONTAP with default capabilities.


    The following command gives the group “admin users” capabilities associated with the admin role, and removes any roles previously assigned to the admin_users group. useradmin group modify "admin users" -r admin

  2. Enter the following command to verify the success of your operation: useradmin group list group_name

    The roles and capabilities assigned to the group in question are listed in the output of this command.