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Predefined roles

The predefined roles Data ONTAP provides include root, admin, power, audit, and none.

Role Default capability assignments Summary of default granted capabilities
root -a * Grants all possible capabilities.
admin -a cli-*, api-*, login-*, security-* Grants all CLI, API, login, and security capabilities.
power -a cli-cifs*, cli-exportfs*, cli-nfs*, cli-useradmin*, api-cifs-*, api-nfs-*, login-telnet, login-http-admin, login-rsh, login-ssh Grants the ability to :
  • Invoke all cifs, exportfs, nfs, and useradmin CLI commands
  • Make all cifs and nfs API calls
  • Log in using telnet, HTTP, rsh, and ssh sessions
audit -a api-snmp-get, api-snmp-get-next Grants the ability to make snmp-get and snmp-get-next API calls.
none None Grants no administrative capabilities.