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Setting up and starting SSL

Setting up SSL enables Data ONTAP to generate a self-signed certificate.


  1. Enter the following command: secureadmin setup ssl
  2. Enter information when Data ONTAP prompts you.

    To use the default settings, press Enter at each of the prompts.

    Data ONTAP generates a self-signed certificate and keys, and places them in the /etc/keymgr directory.

  3. Enter Y if the information is correct or N if any of the information is incorrect.

    If you enter Y, Data ONTAP generates two files and saves them in the /etc/keymgr directory:

    • A self-signed certificate called secureadmin.der
    • A certificate signing request called secureadmin.pem

    If you enter N, Data ONTAP repeats the prompts.

You have successfully installed your self-signed certificate.