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Accessing a storage system from a client by using FilerView

You can use FilerView to manage most storage system functions and view information about the storage system.

Before You Begin

FilerView requires the Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.x or later or Mozilla® Firefox® 1.5.x or later Web browser. The browser must have Java and JavaScript enabled.
If your system has a newer version of Microsoft Windows, and it does not include Java support, you must download a Java run-time environment separately to ensure FilerView functions properly.
Note: Other browsers that support Java and JavaScript might also be compatible with FilerView.


To access FilerView securely, set up the SecureAdmin feature and enable it for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) by using the secureadmin command. Then access the Web site using https://filername/na_admin. For more information about SecureAdmin, see the na_secureadmin(1) man page.


  1. Start your Web browser.
  2. Enter the following URL, replacing filername with the name of your storage system: http://filername/na_admin

    filername is either the fully qualified name or the short name of the storage system or the IP address of the storage system.

  3. If the option is set to on (the default), a login dialog box appears, prompting you for user authentication before you can access the top-level FilerView administration Web page. Enter a user name and password. Then click OK.

    Note: If the option is set to off, the top-level FilerView administration Web page appears without user authentication.

  4. Click FilerView.

    • If the storage system is password protected, you are prompted for a user name and password.

    • Otherwise, FilerView is launched, and a screen appears with a list of categories in the left frame and the System Status information in the main frame.

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