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How to access a storage system using FilerView

You can use FilerView to access a storage system. FilerView is an HTTP/Web-based graphical management interface that enables you to manage most storage system functions from a Web browser rather than by entering commands at the console, through a Telnet session, the rsh command, or by using scripts or configuration files.

You can also use FilerView to view information about the storage system, its physical storage units, such as adapters, disks and RAID groups, and its data storage units, such as aggregates, volumes, and LUNs. You can also view statistics about network traffic. FilerView online Help explains Data ONTAP features and how to use them.

The following platforms support FilerView:

The following options control access to FilerView:
  • httpd.admin.access

    Restricts HTTP access to FilerView. If this value is set, trusted.hosts is ignored for FilerView access.

  • httpd.admin.enable

    Enables HTTP access to FilerView. The default is on.

  • httpd.admin.ssl.enable
    Enables HTTPS access to FilerView. The default is off.
    Note: To set up Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), use the secureadmin command. See the na_secureadmin(1) man page for more details.

    Specifies whether the top-level FilerView administration Web page prompts for user authentication. The default is on.

For information about how to use these options, see the na_options(1) man pages.