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From this page, you can download a PDF copy of the Course Handbooks dating back to 2004. For Course Handbooks from earlier than 2004 (previously known as 'Calendars'), please refer to the UOW Digital Archives.

Please note: The PDF files below were current at the time the Handbook was produced for the listed year. Students and staff are encouraged to check the online handbook (using the Undergraduate or Postgraduate links on the left) for the most current information.

Year Undergraduate Postgraduate
2015 Handbook [pdf] Handbook [pdf]
2014 Handbook [pdf] Handbook [pdf]
2013 Handbook [pdf] Handbook [pdf]
2012 Handbook [pdf] Handbook [pdf]
2011 Handbook [pdf] Handbook [pdf]
2010 Handbook [pdf] Handbook [pdf]
2009 Handbook [pdf] Handbook [pdf]
2008 Handbook [pdf] Handbook [pdf]
2007 Handbook [pdf] Handbook [pdf]
2006 Handbook [pdf] Handbook [pdf]
2005 Courses [pdf]
Subjects [pdf]
Courses [pdf]
Subjects [pdf]
2004 Courses [pdf]
Subjects [pdf]
Courses [pdf]
Subjects [pdf]
Last reviewed: 22 July, 2016