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Professor Timothy J  McCarthy

Teaching and Education Research:

Subjects taught in recent years

* Foundations of Engineering ENGG101
* Engineering Design and Innovation ENGG154
* Mechanics of Solids ENGG251
* Structural Design 1 CIVL311 Steel & Concrete
* Structural Design 2 CIVL314 PT Concrete
* Professional Options ENGG255, 355, 455
* Scholars Project ENGG170,270,370,470
* Engineering Thesis ENGG452, 453
* Introduction to Engineering Computation CIVL296

Research into Engineering Education

Teaching and Assessing Meta-attributes in Engineering: identifying, developing and disseminating good practice

Australian engineering faculties were under pressure from industry, the professional body, and their home institutions to embed graduate attributes in undergraduate degree programs. Innovative responses to this pressure tended to be isolated and short-lived; rigorous evaluation of the impact on student learning of graduate attributes was rare; and the identified attributes tended to be poorly aligned with the realities of engineering practice.

This project was completed in 2008.  The final report is available for download from the above link.

A pro-active approach to addressing student learning diversity in Engineering Mechanics

The project set out to develop an approach to improving learning outcomes in first year engineering mechanics courses. The result of this work is a holistic overview of issues surrounding engineering mechanics education, and an online directory of engineering mechanics learning resource, www.learnmechanics.org. Ongoing research into students’ use of this online resource suggests that providing access to a wide range of learning resources may be an effective way of supporting students at risk of failing mechanics.

The project was completed in 2010 and the final report can be downloaded from the above link. The repository can be accessed from the Learnmechanics.org portal.  You need to register but there is no charge.  Youtube videos are also available.

An adaptive e-learning community of practice for mechanics courses in engineering

This project was led by A/Prof Ganga Prusty of UNSW with collaboration of a number of universities including UoW.  The project produced a number of online adaptive tutorials covering threshold concepts in Engineering Mechanics and Mechanics of Solids.

Click the hyperlink above for the project detailed description on the Office of Learning and Teaching Website. UoW helped to develop the tutorial on Free Body Diagrams.  This project was completed in 2012.

A demonstration portal is available at:
Adaptive Tutorials

Exploring intercultural competency in engineering

Awareness of the importance of intercultural competency in practicing engineers is growing. At this point, support for engineering academics to incorporate teaching and learning practices to facilitate students’ development of intercultural competency, and knowledge of students’ and academics’ current competency levels, is limited.

Click the heading for further details.  This project is ongoing.

Shear Force and Shear Centre tutorial

Shear.exe is a Computer Based Training module that I developed with students in Manchester.  It covers a description of shear stresses in structures, shear flow and shear centre.  You can download a personal copy by clicking this link. It is 1.8Mb in size and runs on most Windows based PCs.  This copy is for personal use and should not be distributed without permission.


Click the link above for a full list including publications on Engineering Education.

This page is under construction and more items will be added during 2012.

Last update 16 March 2012



Professor of Structural Steel and Design (Structural
Engineering Division)


Phone: +61-2-4221-4591
Fax: + 61-2-4221-3238
e-mail: tim_mccarthy @uow.edu.au


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