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Tibet - Index to Film


Poster for the 1952 US film Storm Over Tibet.

A Buddhist Monk - The Dalai Lama of Tibet : Eleven Days in England 1989
A Conversation with the Dalai Lama 1995
A Kind Heart 1982
A Man Called Nomad 2003
A Man of Peace 1989
A Monk's Voice 2003
A Refugee Story in India 1965
A Song for Tibet 1991
A Stranger in My Native Land 1997
A Tibetan New Year nd
A Tribute to a Lama - Thubten Yeshe 1984
A World Without Thieves 2004
Ab nach Tibet 1994
Adventures of a Panda 1983
All of Me 1984
An Address to the Tibetan Community in Britain by His Holiness the Dalai Lama 1988
Ancient Futures: Learning From Ladakh 1993
And So Tibet 1964
Ao Jin Ma 1977
Arising from Flames - Overcoming Anger Through Patience nd
Art of dying 1994
Aus Tibet Ein Heimatfilm 1996
Avalokitesvara - The Dalai Lama in Europe 1982
Bagdro 1998
Beyond the Forbidden Frontier 1937
Beyond Tibet 2000
Bhutan - Land of Peaceful Dragon 1975
Bhutan , Sikkim and Tibet 1933
Bing Shan Xue Lian 1978
Blonde Justice 1996
Bonnington's Magic Mountain 2000
Bringing Buddhism to the West 1982
Buddhism in Focus nd
Buddhist Meditation nd
Buddhist Monk - The Dalai Lama of Tibet : Eleven Days in England 1989
Buddhist Philosophy nd
Bulletproof Monk 2003
Cai Se De Ye 1982
Ce qu'il reste de mous 2004
Cha ma gu dao zi lie 2004
Chanting Lama 1980
Climbing Mount Everest 1922
Colorful Night 1982
Compassion in Exile - The Story of the 14th Dalai 1992
Contribution of the Individual to World Peace 1984
Conversation with the Dalai Lama 1995
Cultural Destruction of Tibet nd
Daily Life in a Tibetan Bonpo Monastery nd
Dalai Lama The Soul of Tibet A&E Biography 1994
Dalai Lama 1980
Dalai Lama Interview 1978
Dalai Lama Interview 1981
Dalai Lama USC 1979
Dao ma zei 1986
Death and Transference of Consciousness 1982
Death, Intermediate State and Rebirth 1982
Debate in the Tibetan Tradition 1985
Defenders of the Earth - The Lost Jewels of Tibet 1986
Demons on the Roof of the World nd
Der Damon des Himalaya 1935
Der Damon im Stein 1988
Der Tod und die Liebe 1921
Destination - Lhasa 1997
Destiny's Children - Voices of Tomorrow's Tibet 2003
Det Forbudte Landshold 2003
Devotion and Defiance - Buddhism and the struggle for Religious Freedom in Tibet 2004
Dharamsala - Tibet in Exile 1999
Dharamsala 1984
Dharma - The Meaning of Existence Excellent 1984
Die Expedition der Nazis 2004
Die Salzmanner von Tibet 1997
Does mind matter? 1988
Dor, low is better 1988
Dr. Tenzin Choedak - Cancer and Aids - The View of Tibetan Medicine nd
Dreaming of Tibet 2003
Dreams of Tibet 1997
Du Jiang Tan Xian 1958
Dzogchen in Daily Behavior nd
Dzogchen Teachings by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche nd
Echoes from Tibet 1980
Echoes from Tibet nd
Emmanuelle's Love 1993
Era Uma Vez no Tibet 1993
Escape From Tibet 1997
Ethics for the New Millenium nd
Exile - The Dalai Lama and His People nd
Exploring a River Crossing 1958
Exploring Tibet 2003
Extracting the Essence 1985
Fei Yue Tian Xian 1959
Fields of the Senses 1993
Flying Over Natural Dangers 1959
Forbidden Land 1982
Free Tibet 1998
From Tibet A Film of the Homeland 1996
Geheimnis Tibet 1943
General Assembly of Tibetans in Exile 1985
Generating Wisdom - The Practice of Manjushri for Children nd
German Expedition to Tibet 1939
Geshe Lhundrub Sopa - My Life East and West 1984
Giant Lizards Eat Tibet 1998
Gotter von Tibet 1924
Heart of Tibet : An Intimate Portrait of the 14th Dalai Lama 1991
Himalaya l'enfance d'un chef 1999
Himalaya : life on the roof of the world 1958
Himalaya 2004
His Holiness the Dalai Lama in England 1988
His Holiness the Dalai Lama nd
His Holiness the Dalai Lama Visits Europe 1986
Home to Tibet - The Story of Sonam Lama's Return to his Homeland 1996
Hong he gu 1999
Human Rights and Moral Practice 1994
Ice Mountain Snow Lions 1978
I'll Make You Happy 1999
In Exile from the Roof of the World 1984
In Search Of Buddha 1993
In Search of History - Tibet 's Lost Paradise Shangri-la 2000
In Search of Kundun with Martin Scorsese 1998
Inauguration of the Tibetan Women's Association 1984
Into the Heart of Asia nd
Introduction to Buddhist Psychotherapy nd
Jenseits von Tibet Eine Liebe zwischen den Welten 2000
Jin Sha Jinang Pan 1963
Journey Inside Tibet Paul Horn 1999
Journey to a Lost World Land and Culture of Tibet nd
Kailash - The Sacred Mountain nd
Kailash 1988
Kalachakra - Creating the Sacred Space 1985
Kalachakra 1974
Karmapa - the lion begins to roar 2000
Karmapa - the Thangka Ceremony 1994
Ke Ke Xi Li 2004
Ke Shan Hong Ri 1960
Khensur Pema Gayltsen - My Life in Brief 1984
Kingdom of the Lost Boy 1997
Kundun 1997
Kun Lun Tie Qi 1960
Kyabje Zong Rinpoche - Tribute to a Master Practitioner 1984
La Furia del Hombre Lobo 1972
Ladakh - In Harmony with the Spirit 1994
Le Prince du Tibet 1990
Lebende Buddhas 1924
Lhasa The Forbidden City 1943
Lhasa 1986 - The Forbidden City Opens Its Doors 1986
Lhasa-Lo Die Verbotene Stadt 1943
Life and Death 1921
Life in the Tibetan Community in Dharamsala 1985
Lion's roar 1985
Little Buddha 1993
Living in Exile nd
Lojong Transforming the Mind 1990
Lord of the Dance - Destroyer of Illusion 1985
Lost Civilizations Tibet The End of Time 1995
Lost Horizon 1973
Lost Horizon of Shangri-la 1937
Lost Horizons 1991
Lost Treasures of Tibet 2003
Lung Ta - The Forgotten/Forbidden Tibet 1990
Magic Mountain 2004
Mandala: World of the Mystic Circle 1991
Marco Polo 1982
Mask of the Himalayas 1952
Masters of the Roof of the World nd
Meditation Crystallized - Lama Govinda on Tibetan 1973
Meditation Crystallized 1973
Menri Monastery 1993
Michael Palin's Himalaya 2004
Milarepa 1974
Missing in Tibet 1998
Mountain Patrol 2004
Muna Madan 2003
Mustang: The Hidden Kingdom 1994
My Husband Doesn't Mind if I Disco - Woman's Place in a Changing Tibet 1994
Mysterious Tibet 1924
Mystic Vision, Sacred Art - Tibetan Thangka Painting in Kathmandu Valley 1996
Nepal : Land of Gods 1976
Nirvana in Nova Scotia 1995
Nu Huo Fuo 1986
Ocean of Wisdom 1991
Ocean of Wisdom nd
Opening Address to the Conference on Universal Education His Holiness the Dalai Lama 1982
Ossian: American Boy/Tibetan Monk 1984
Our Lives from Tibet to England 1984
Overcoming differences 1991
Pa-dga' Living Buddha 1993
Paul Horn Journey Inside Tibet 2001
Paul Horn Mount Kailask Return to Tibet 2003
Paul Horn - Tibet Journey to the Roof of the Word 2001
Pavarotti and Friends for Cambodia and Tibet 2000
Peace of Mind: Peace in Action 1984
Peace Through Human Understanding 1984
Peace: A Goal for All Religions 1984
Phorpa 1999
Prophecy 1993
Radiating the fruit of truth 1993
Raid into Tibet 1974
Red Flag Over Tibet 1989
Red Flag Over Tibet 1994
Red River Valley 1999
Red Sun Over the Ke Mountains 1960
Reincarnation and Reincarnate Lamas 1985
Remember Tibet 1985
Requiem for a Faith 1968
Requiem for a Faith 1978
Requiem for a Faith nd
Return to Shangri-La nd
Return to Tibet 2003
Return to Tibet 2003
Robert Thurman on Tibet : 1. The Ancient Kings and the Arrival of the Dharma, 2.The Later Spread of the Dharma Saints, Sages and Adepts, 3. The Dharma State Tibetan Lamas and Modernity and the 21st Century 1999
Sacred Dances of Tibet 1990
Sacred Heart of Asia 1998
Samsara 2001
Sand Painting: Sacred Art of Tibet nd
Sand Painting: Sacred Art of Tibetan Buddhism 1991
Satya: A Prayer for the Enemy 1993
Secret Heart of Asia . Buddha on the silk road 1998
Secret Heart of Asia . Inside Tibet 1998
Secret Tibet 1943
Seeds of Tibet : Voices of Children in Exile 1997
Sem-Dzin: 21 Ways of Focusing Mind 1984
Seven Dreams of Tibet 2001
Seven Years in Tibet 1956
Seven Years in Tibet 1997
Seven Years in Tibet 1998
Shadows Over Tibet : Stories in Exile / Journey to Enlightenment 1995
Shadows Over Tibet : Stories in Exile 1994
Shangshung: The Artistic Treasures of Tsaparang and Tholing 1989
Sherpa High Country 1976
Singing Bowls of Tibet nd
Six Holy Lamas from Thibet 1924
Skutecny svet? 1998
Song for Tibet 1991
Song of Tibet 2000
Songtsen Gampo 1988
Songzi Ganbu 1988
Sound of Wisdom 1987
Spirit of Tibet : Journey to Enlightenment nd
Spiritual Life in a Material World 1982
State sponsored terrorism 1996
Steel Cavalry on Kunlun Mountain 1960
Storm Over Tibet 1952
Strange Spirit : One Country's Occupation 1997
Sturm uber Tibet 1952
Talisman 2003
Tanka 1976
Tanka 1994
Tantra of Gyuto: Sacred Rituals of Tibet 1968
Tantra: The Experience of Transformation 1982
Tashi Jong - a traditional Tibetan community in exile 1998
The 17th Karmapa's Return to Tsurphu 1994
The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas 1957
The Banks of the Jinsha River 1963
The Basis of the Spiritual Path 1984
The Cat and the Mouse - China and Tibet 1995
The Celebration of the Great Prayer Festival 1985
The Cremation of Lama Thubten Yeshe
The Cup 1999
The Dalai Lama - A Portrait in the First Person nd
The Dalai Lama - Green Tara Initiation 1988
The Dalai Lama - The Future of Religion 1986
The Dalai Lama - Universal Responsibility in a Nuclear Age 1988
The Dalai Lama Addresses the General Assembly of Tibetans in Exile 1984
The Dalai Lama in Britain 1984 1984
The Dalai Lama of Tibet - 25 Years in Exile nd
The Dalai Lama Shall Come Back 1982
The Dalai Lama Teachings nd
The Dalai Lama Visits Christian and Buddhist Communities 1984
The Dalai Lama Visits Washington , D.C. 1994
The Dalai Lama: An Overview of Tibetan Buddhism with a Commentary on Bodhicharyavatara
The Demon of the Himalayas 1935
The Dzogchen Rite 1984
The Eight Movements Of Yantra Yoga An Ancient Tibetan Tradition 1999
The End of Time 1995
The Enigma of Tibet 1943
The Epic of Everest 1924
The Essence of Buddhist Philosophy nd
The Essence of Mahayana Buddhism nd
The Experience of Transition 1985
The Face of Fu Manchu 1965
The Forbidden Team 2004
The Four Noble Truths nd
The Fury of the Wolfman 1972
The Future of Tibet 1990
The Gift of Peace - A Message for All Faiths 1984
The Girls From HARM 2000
The Golden Child 1986
The Good Heart - The 14th Dalai lama Comments on the Four Christian Gospels 1994
The Great Religions - Buddhism 1962
The Himalayas nd
The Holy Mountain of Tibet 1996
The Horse Thief 1985
The Kid from Tibet 1992
The Knowledge of Healing 1997
The Lama King 1975
The Lion's Roar nd
The Meaning of Tibetan Buddhist Chanting nd
The Message of the Tibetans 1963
The Nature of Mind 1984
The Nature of Mind 1987
The OSS Mission to Tibet 1943
The Peaceful Liberation of Tibet nd
The Principles of the Spiritual Path nd
The Principles of Tibetan Medicine 1985
The Queen of Tibet 1986
The Quest 1996
The Razor's Edge 1946
The Razor's Edge 1984
The Reincarnation of Khensur Rinpoche nd
The Religious Investiture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama 1959
The Saltmen of Tibet 1997
The Shadow Circus - The CIA in Tibet 1998
The Snow Creature 1954
The Song of Ultimate Reality 1985
The Sound of Wisdom: Sacred Chant at New York City 's Church of Saint John the Divine nd
The Spirit Doesn't Come Anymore 1997
The Teaching of Buddha in Everyday Life 1984
The Three Principles of the Path 1982
The Three Testaments of Garab Dorje 1984
The Tibet Journal 1988
The Tibetan Way of Healing 1985
The Triple Vision 1984
The Wheel of Life 1929
The World Isn't Listening 1994
Three Great Monasteries of Tibet : Ganden, Drepung, and Sera 1985
Tian yu 1998
Tibet - A Buddhist Trilogy 1984
Tibet - A Case to Answer 1988
Tibet - A Culture in Exile nd
Tibet - A Lost Nation 1989
Tibet - A Prayer for the Future nd
Tibet - A Prophecy nd
Tibet - A Seed for Transformation 1990
Tibet Cry of the Snow Lion 2003
Tibet El perfil d'un poble 1986
Tibet El techo del mundo 2004
Tibet - On the Edge of Change 1997
Tibet - The Lost Mystery & The Iron Curtain Falls 1982
Tibet - The Survival of Spirit 1994
Tibet - The Survival of the Spirit 1991
Tibet Widerstand des Geistes 1990
Tibet 1976
Tibet 1981
Tibet 1985
Tibet 1988
Tibet 1988
Tibet Communism, Land of the Gods 1994
Tibet in Exile 1991
Tibet in Exile nd
Tibet in India 1994
Tibet Ka Jadoo 1938
Tibet Lecture - Lowell Thomas, Jr. 1949
Tibet My Country 1996
Tibet nd
Tibet 's Holy Mountain 1995
Tibet 's Lost Paradise Shangri-la 2000
Tibet 's Stolen Child 2000
Tibetan Beads nd
Tibetan Book of the Dead Part 1 A Way of Life 1996
Tibetan Book of the Dead Part 2 The Great Liberation 1994
Tibetan Buddhist Meditation 1989
Tibetan Culture in Transition 1985
Tibetan Folk Dance Performances 1975
Tibetan Heritage 1976
Tibetan Medicine - A Buddhist Approach to Healing 1975
Tibetan Medicine - a Buddhist approach to healing 1985
Tibetan Medicine 1982
Tibetan Medicine 1985
Tibetan Pilgrimage 1997
Tibetan Portraits 2004
Tibetan question 1986
Tibetan Refugee 2001
Tibetan Refugee 2004
Tibetan Refugees - A Struggle Beyond Generations 2002
Tibetan Story 1965
Tibetans Celebrate the Birthday of the Dalai Lama 1984
Tibetische Erinnerungen 1995
Timber to Tibet 2002
Tin Tin in Tibet 1990
Tomb Raider II 1997
Traditional Music and Dance of Sikkim nd
Transatlantis 1995
Tsampai Shenkhok 1999
Tsurph - Home of the Karmapa's 1988
Twenty Years in Exile 1979
Two Tibetan Buddhist Nunneries : India 1985-86
Two Tibetan Buddhist Nunneries 1984
Unconquerable Tibet 1959
Video Visits Travel Collection: Discovering China and Tibet 1988
Warrior Songs 1997
Weather in Tibet 1984
We're No Monks 2004
Werewolf of London 1935
Western Students of Buddhism in India 1985
What Remains of Us 2004
Wheel of Life 2002
Wheel of Re-Birth 1989
Why Are We Silent? 1997
Windham Hill Tibet 2000
Windhorse 1998
Woman Living Buddha 1986
Wonders of the Himalayas 1997
Words of My Perfect Teacher 2003
World Peace 1984
World Without Thieves 2004
Xi Zang xiao zi 1992
Xiong Mao Li Xian Ji 1983
Xiu Xiu - The Sent Down Girl 1998
Xue Qing Ma / The Xueqing Horse 1979
Y na na - woman of a thousand places 1992
Yangrilla 1938
Yantra Yoga - Meditation with Movement nd
Ya Ya 1979
Yixizhuoma 2000
Yodha 1992
Yogis of Tibet 2003

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