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Sandon Point Community Picket

Bulli - Thirroul, New South Wales, Australia

The Sandon Point picket, 25 April 2001. View looking north along the Illawarra coastline, with Bald Hill and Stanwell Park in the distance.

A picket line was established at Sandon Point, Bulli, on 3 March 2001 by members of the northern Illawarra community. They were concerned with the imminent threat of large scale residential development of the site. The picket was officially sanctioned by the South Coast Labor Council. It is staffed 24 hours a day and has become a focus for the community campaign to Save Sandon Point. Close links are maintained with the Kuradji Aboriginal Tent Embassy, located approximately 500 metres to the north of the picket.

Norfolk Pines, Sandon Point, Boni Martin, 11/8/01

Sandon Point is famous for its surfing, and ranked amongst the top 100 sites world wide. The surrounding area is a mixture of low density residential development, open space and light industrial land. The close proximity of the site to the Illawarra Escarpment is significant, and impacts upon the area both visually and physically. To the north of the Point is a floodplain which is serviced by Hewitts, Tramway and Woodlands Creeks, all draining from the Escarpment.

View of the picket, looking south-easterly across the bicycle track towards residential development along Point Street and Hill Street. The picket is located on public open space land recently acquired by Wollongong City Council from developer Stockland for $1.4m. It is adjacent to land set aside for residential development and the subject of the current controversy.

View inside the picket, looking north-westerly towards the setting sun and the Illawarra Escarpment in the distance. The picket is located in a prominant position by the side of the Wollongong to Thirroul bicycle track and is visited by hundreds of people during any week. Signatures to various petitions are gathered and people stop to talk about the issues. Many tourists to the region use this area.

Sandon Point Jetty 1936 - view looking north east towards the jetty, with Sandon Point in the right background. This view reveals the extent of the jetty and associated infrastructure during its last decade of operation. The bench upon which the railway tracks run was subsequently covered by fill during the 1970s to accommodate a proposed Bulli to Thirroul link road.

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