Hotels of Illawarra & Shoalhaven

1828 - 1999

Compiled by

A.P. Fleming, Michael Organ & Mick R. Roberts

Tory's Hotel, Kiama, circa 1921. Photograph from the Coxs Collection, Wollongong University Archives.


The following listing is arranged alphabetically according to the official licensed name of the inn or hotel. It covers the Illawarra and Shoalhaven area, north as far as Stanwell Park and Helensburgh, and south to the Shoalhaven and Jervis Bay. As there is often confusion with individual names (e.g. the Lake Illawarra Hotel, also known as the Illawarra Lake Hotel; the Albion Hotel, or the Albion Park Hotel) cross-references will be given to all known variants. Each full entry contains the following information:


Locality, Years of Operation

Publicans, History


Premises such as "The Ship Inn" are indexed under "S" for Ship, with the 'The' dropped. Where a hotel was referred to by the name of the publican or builder (e.g. Bode's Hotel, North Wollongong) a cross-reference will be given to the official name of the premises, wherein the full description will be found. Sources of information used in the compilation of this listing, and associated codes include:

Other references for books etc. are listed at the end of the text. Years of operation given are approximate only, in line with the preliminary nature of this listing, and pending further research.


Albion Hotel

Albion Park, 1859-79. Duncan Beatson, H.W. Bradford, David George Aitken, James Condon (1875-9).

Albion Park Hotel

Albion Park, 1878-Present. James Condon, Michael Mullholland, John Martin, James Martin, James O'Gorman

Allen Hotel

Crown St, Wollongong, 1859


Balgownie Hotel

Balgownie Rd, Balgownie, 1904-Present. E.P. Clout, William Kesterten Newland, Arnold Millbrook, A.E. Elphinstone

Beehive Inn

Collins & Terralong Streets, Kiama, 1858-1868. Lawrence O'Toole, Thomas Evans

Bellambi Hotel

Bellambi Harbour, 1861-1864. Alfred Larkin, D. Hughes, J.A. Asher,

Bellambi Hotel

Bellambi Lane, Bellambi, 1889-Present. Also known as South Bulli and Bellambi Hotel. William Wilson, Lillian Wilson, William Barker, William Ryan, Joseph Ritching

Berkeley Hotel

Devon St, Berkeley

Black Diamond Hotel

Bulli, 1876-1889. Charles Wilson, Albert Prior, William Sharples, James Larkin, Frank Bennett, Samuel Kerton

Black Swan Hotel

Brighton Beach, Wollongong, 1854-1856. Name changed to Brighton Hotel (1856-1923); formerly the Waterloo Stores (1839). William May Howell

Black Swan Hotel

Greenwell Point, 1866-1867

Bode's Hotel

North Wollongong, 1878-Present. See also Royal Victorian Hotel (1878-1899); Hotel Victoria (1899-1923); North Wollongong Hotel (1923-Present)

Breadalbane Hotel

Jervis Bay, 1842


Wollongong, 1839, John Mackie; Wollongong, 1857, W.T. Hayles' Wine & Spirit Store; Woonona, 1869, Woonona Brewery

Rainbow's Brighton Hotel, Terralong Street, Kiama. Photograph from the Cox Collection, Wollongong University Archives.

Brighton Hotel

Terralong St, Kiama, 1905. McCaffery

Brighton Hotel

Brighton Beach, Wollongong, 1856-1923

formerly Black Swan Hotel (1854-1856). Edward Johnson, Neil M'Ara, William Trick, John Patrick Galvin

Brown's Inn

Baxter's Paddock, Church St, Wollongong, 1830-1834. See also Ship Inn I (1830-1834); Ship Inn II (1834-1838); Illawarra Hotel (1838-1889); Lake Illawarra/Brownsville Hotel (1889-1937)

Brownsville Hotel

Brownsville, 1889-1937. Formerly Illawarra Hotel; also known as Lake Illawarra Hotel or Illawarra Lake Hotel

Bull Hotel

Wollongong, 1832. Lawrence Timmins

Bulli Family Hotel

Princes Highway, Bulli, 1889-Present

Bulli Pass Hotel

Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul, 1895-1925. Formerly MacCawley Park Hotel (1888-1895); rebuilt as Ryan's Hotel, Thirroul

Bulli Royal Hotel

See under Royal Hotel, Bulli/Woonona


Cabbage Tree Inn

Cabbage Tree Bridge, Fairy Meadow, 1856-1865. See also Forest Inn and Cabbage Tree Hotel

Cabbage Tree Hotel

Princes Highway, Fairy Meadow, 1963-Present

Caledonian Hotel

Crown and Keira Streets, Wollongong, 1874-1878. Became Freemasons Hotel

Carpenter's Arms

Corrimal Street, Wollongong, 1844, 1861-1863

Carruther's New House

Kiama, 1858

Centennial Hotel

Parkes St, Helensburgh, 1888-1991

Central Hotel

Dapto, 1896-1939

Central Hotel

Greenhills, 1871

Charcoal Inn

Dapto Road, Dapto, 1856-1867

Charles Hotel

Princes Highway, Fairy Meadow, c1956-Present.

Clifton Inn/Hotel

Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Clifton, 1879-1911

Cochrane's Hotel

see Commercial Hotel, Wollongong

Commercial Hotel

Albion Park, 1887-

Commercial Hotel

Berry, 1889-

Commercial Hotel

Charcoal Creek (Unanderra), 1848-1867

Commercial Hotel

Greenhills, 1866-1868

Commercial Hotel

Wentworth St, Port Kembla, 1926-

Commercial Hotel

Crown and Corrimal Streets, Wollongong, 1843-1847

Commercial Hotel

Crown St, Wollongong, 1847-1961. Demolished to form David Jones store

Commercial Inn

Market & Harbour Streets, Wollongong, 1842

Coniston Hotel

Gladstone Ave, Coniston

Corrimal Hotel

Princes Highway, Corrimal

Cottage of Content

Crown St, Wollongong, 1858-1866

Mrs Scott

Cricketers Arms

West Dapto, 1853

Cricketers Arms

Crown and Corrimal Streets, Wollongong, 1859-1908. George Organ, James Rixon, John Patrick Galvin

Crown Hotel

Wollongong, 1882

Crown Hotel

Station and Crown Streets, Wollongong, 1928-Present. Part of City Pacific International complex

Crown Inn

Market Square, Wollongong, 1834-1837. Alexander Elliott


Dairyman's Arms

Omega Retreat, 1866-1868

Dandaloo Hotel

Kanahooka Rd, Dapto

Dapto Hotel

Princes Highway, Dapto, 1876-

Denmark Hotel

Princes Highway, Bulli, 1877-1911


Elephant & Castle

Crown St, Wollongong, 1843-1844

Elliott's Family Hotel

Crown and Corrimal Streets, Wollongong, 1856-1858. See also Governor Bourke Family Hotel, Wollongong Hotel, Royal Hotel, Oxford Hotel

Elliott's Royal Hotel

see Royal Hotel, Wollongong


Fairy Meadow Hotel

Princes Highway, Fairy Meadow, 1856-1907

also known as Lysaght's Red House

Family Hotel

A number of Hotels inserted the word "Family" in their title during their lifetime, including: Black Swan Hotel, Wollongong; Brighton Hotel, Wollongong; Brown's Illawarra Family Hotel; Elliott's Family Hotel; Governor Bourke Family Hotel; Queens Family Hotel, Wollongong

Family Hotel (Bulli)

Princes Highway, Bulli. See under Bulli Family Hotel

Family Hotel (Corrimal)

Princes Highway, Corrimal, 1900-Present

Family Hotel (Elliott's, Wollongong)

Crown and Corrimal Streets, Wollongong, 1856-1858. See under Elliott's Family Hotel

Farmers Inn/Arms/Hotel

Dapto Road, Charcoal (Unanderra), 1855-1882

Farmers Inn

Market Square, Wollongong, 1853-54

Fermanagh Hotel

Jamberoo, 1871-

Fermanagh Hotel

Shoalhaven and Terralong Streets, Kiama, 1856-1871

Figtree Inn/Hotel

Figtree, 1853-Present

Figtree Inn

Kiama, 1851-1853

Fitzroy Hotel

Collins Street, Kiama, 1847-1860

Flinders Inn

Wollongong, 1935-

Forest Inn

Cabbage Tree Bridge, Fairy Meadow, 1878-1881. See also Cabbage Tree Inn, Cabbage Tree Hotel


Kiama, 1842, 1856-1859. Renamed Steam Packet Inn

Freemasons Arms/Hotel

Crown and Keira Streets, Wollongong, 1878-1934. Formerly Caledonian Hotel

Freemasons Hall/Hotel

Market Square, Wollongong, 1856-1864


Gerringong Arms

Gerringong, 1857-1860

Gerringong Arms

Gerringong, 1874-. See Ocean View Hotel

Gerringong Hotel

Belinda Street, Gerringong

Gerringong Inn

Gerringong. See also Lanterrick Hotel

Gold Digger's Arms

Kiama, 1853-1854

Governor Bourke Inn

Market Square, Wollongong, 1837-1844. Renamed Seaview Boarding House

Governor Bourke Family Hotel

Crown and Corrimal Streets, Wollongong, 1844-1848. Renamed Elliott's Family Hotel

Grand Hotel

Manning St, Kiama, 1909

Grand Hotel

Wollongong, 1937-

Great Eastern Hotel

Port Kembla, 1912-

Great Southern Hotel

Berry, 1902

Greengables Private Hotel

Parkes St, Port Kembla

Greenhills Hotel

Nowra, 1866-1868

Greenwell Point Hotel

Greenwell Point, 1913

Grenadier Arms/Hotel

Otford, 1885-1889

Gum Tree Inn

Kiama, 1837-1847


Harp and Shamrock Hotel

Crown Street, Wollongong, 1860-c1864

Harp Inn

Jamberoo, 1837-1843

Harp Inn (I)

Corrimal Street, Wollongong, 1839-1887

Harp Inn (II) / Hotel

Corrimal Street, Wollongong, 1887-1965

Harp Hotel

Corrimal Street, Wollongong, 1965-Present

Harp of Erin Hotel

Corrimal Street, Wollongong, 1841-1856

Harp of Erin

Crown Street, Wollongong, 1860

Hayle's Inn

see Illawarra Breweries and Sportsmans Arms

Head Inn

Crown and Corrimal Streets, Wollongong, 1842

Headlands Hotel

Austinmer, 1954-Present

Heathcote Hotel

Waterfall, 1885-1892

Hibernian Hotel

Crown Street, Wollongong, 1877-1884

Hickman's Hotel

see Figtree Hotel

Hoopers Hotel

see Royal Hotel, Bulli/Woonona

Hosking's House

Crown Street, Wollongong

Hotel Victoria

North Wollongong, 1899-1923

see under Bode's Hotel


Illawarra Champion Hotel

Pioneer Rd, Towradgi

Illawarra Hotel

Brownsville, 1838-1889. See under Brown's Inn

Illawarra Hotel

Keira St, Wollongong, 1937-Present

Illawarra Steam Packet Inn

Market and Corrimal Streets, Wollongong, 1856-1860, 1872

Imperial Hotel

Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Clifton, 1884-1991

Isaac's Hotel

Shoalhaven, 1863


Jamberoo Arms

Jamberoo, 1866-1879

Jamberoo Hotel

Allowrie St, Jamberoo, 1857-

Jew's Harp, The

see Harp Inn, Jamberoo


Kangaroo Hotel

Broughton Creek (Berry), 1866-1879

renamed Commercial Hotel

Kiama Inn

Terralong St, Kiama

Kiama Hotel

Kiama, 1856-1888


Lake Illawarra/Illawarra Lake/Brownsville Hotel

Brownsville, 1889-1937. See under Brown's Inn

Lake Illawarra Hotel

Windang Rd, Windang

Lakeview Hotel

Lake Entrance Rd, Oak Flats

Lanterrick Hotel

Gerringong, 1863-1872. See also Gerringong Inn and Ocean View Hotel

Larkin's Hotel


Lovett's Hotel

Figtree. See Figtree Inn

Lysaght's Hotel

See under Fairy Meadow Hotel; Freemasons Hotel, Wollongong; Queen's Family Hotel; and Red House


MacCawley Park Hotel

Thirroul, 1888-1895. Renamed Bulli Pass Hotel

Man of Kent Inn

Curramore, Jamberoo, 1858-1867. See also Fermanagh Hotel, Jamberoo

Marine/Mariners Hotel

see Royal Marine Hotel

Market Place Hotel

Market Square, Wollongong. See Wollongong Hotel

Miners Arms

Bulli, 1903. See Railway Hotel, Bulli

Mount Keira Inn/Hotel

West Wollongong/Figtree, 1855-1927

Mount Kembla Hotel

Cordeaux Rd, Mount Kembla, 1907-Present


North Bulli Hotel

Austinmer, 1888

North Illawarra Hotel

Austinmer, 1888-1889

North Wollongong Hotel

North Wollongong, 1923-Present. See under Bode's Hotel

Nowra Hotel

Nowra, 1858-1860


Oaks Hotel

Princes Highway, Albion Park Rail

O'Brien's Hotel

Crown and Keira Streets, Wollongong

see Royal Alfred Hotel

Ocean Beach Hotel

Addison and Wollongong Streets, Shellharbour, 1921-. Formerly Shellharbour Hotel

Ocean View Hotel

Gerringong, 1874-

Open Hearth Hotel

King St, Warrawong, 1949-Present

Oxford Hotel

Crown and Corrimal Streets, Wollongong, 1919-Present. See also Elliott's Family Hotel, Wollongong Hotel, Royal Hotel


Panorama Hotel

Bulli Tops, 1929-Present

Paragon Hotel

Lilyvale, Helensburgh, 1889-1937

Plimmer's Hotel

Bulli, 1909

Port Kembla Hotel

Port Kembla, 1914-

Post Office Inn/Hotel

Gerringong, 1867

Post Office Inn/Hotel

Jamberoo, 1864-1866

Post Office Tavern

Crown Street, Wollongong, 1988-


Queen's Hotel

Crown Street, Wollongong, 1876-1878

Queen's Family Hotel

Market Square, Wollongong, 1860-19..

became Queen's Hall Flats


Railway Hotel

Bulli, 1870-1913

Red House

see Fairy Meadow Hotel

Reid's Hotel

see Dapto Hotel

Rixon's Inn

see Stringy Bark Inn

Rex Hotel

Thirroul, 1953-1998. Renamed Beaches in 1999

Rose Inn

Broulee, 1846-1848

Royal Hotel

Bulli/Woonona, 1863-1983

Royal Hotel

Jamberoo, 1866

Royal Hotel

Kiama, 1858, 1881-1889

Royal Hotel

Numba, 1858

Royal Hotel

Shellharbour, 1878-1903

Royal Hotel (Elliott's)

Crown and Corrimal Streets, Wollongong, 1856-1858, 1869-. Formerly Elliott's Family Hotel; rebuilt as Oxford Hotel

Royal Alfred Hotel

Crown and Keira Streets, Wollongong, 1874-

Royal Mail Hotel

Woonona, 1862

Royal Marine Hotel

Harbour Street, Wollongong, 1847-1857. Formerly Travellers Home and Marine Hotel

Royal Oak Hotel

Corrimal Street, Wollongong, 1836-1840

Royal Victoria Hotel

Terara, 1857-1858

Royal Victorian Hotel

North Wollongong, 1878-1899. See under Bode's Hotel

Russell's Hotel

see Royal Marine Hotel

Ryan's Hotel

Thirroul, 1925-1991


Sailor's Home

Jamberoo, 1867

Scarborough Hotel

Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Scarborough, 1887-

Seaview Boarding House

Market Street, Wollongong, 1848-. Formerly Governor Bourke Hotel

Settlers Arms

Crown and Keira Streets, Wollongong, 1842-1871

Settlers Arms/Inn

Shellharbour, 1856-1872

Settlers Home

Greenhills, 1858-1866

Shamrock Inn

see Harp and Shamrock

Shellharbour Hotel

Shellharbour, 1857-1921

renamed Ocean Beach Hotel

Ship Inn (I)

Church Street, Wollongong, 1830-1834

see under Brown's Inn

Ship Inn (II)

Brownsville/Dapto, 1834-1838

see under Brown's Inn

Sir Walter Scott Hotel

Greenhills, 1847-1868

South Bulli & Bellambi Hotel

see Bellambi Hotel, Bellambi Lane

South Huskisson Hotel

Jervis Bay, 1842

South Pacific Hotel

Lake Ave and Five Islands Rd, Cringilla

Southern Cross Inn


Sportsman's Arms

Jamberoo, 1864-1865

Sportsman's Arms

Crown and Kembla Streets, Wollongong, 1853-1868

Spring Hill House

Spring Hill, 1828-1832

Star of the Sea Hotel

Bulli, 1879-1911

Steamboat Hotel

see Steam Packet Hotel, Kiama

Steam Packet Hotel

Greenhills, 1853-1860

Steam Packet Hotel

Manning and Terralong Streets, Kiama, 1842-1847, 1859-1889. Formerly Four-in-Hand Hotel (1856-1859)

Steam Packet Inn

Shellharbour, 1856-1908

Steam Packet Inn

Market and Corrimal Streets, Wollongong

see Illawarra Steam Packet Inn

Steelworks Hotel

Wentworth St, Port Kembla

Stringy Bark Inn

Appin Road, 1840-c1848

see Travellers Rest

Swan's Hotel

Unanderra, 1883-1896. Formerly Farmers Inn


Tate's Inn

Spring Hill. See Spring Hill House (1828-1832)

Tattersals Hotel

Crown Street, Wollongong, 1904-1991. Formerly Terminus Hotel

Terminus Hotel

Crown Street, Wollongong, 1885-1904

Thirroul Rex Hotel

Thirroul, 1953-1998

Tomerong Hotel

Shoalhaven, ?-1911


Kiama, 1921

Tourist Hotel

see under Denmark Hotel, Bulli; and Tourist Hotel, Bomaderry

Tourist Hotel

Bomaderry, 1905

Travellers Home/Inn

Harbour Street, Wollongong, 1833-1840

Travellers Inn/Rest

West Dapto, 1848-1864

Travellers Rest

Stringy Bark, Appin Road, 1840-c1848

Travellers Rest

Tomerong, 1858

Travellers Rest

Unanderra, 1882


Unanderra Hotel



Victoria Hotel

Crown Street, Wollongong, 1861-1863

Victorian Hotel

North Wollongong. Ssee under Royal Victorian Hotel (1878-1899); and Hotel Victoria (1899-1923)


Wallace's Hotel

Robbinsville (Thirroul), 1889

Warilla Hotel

Shellharbour Rd, Warilla

White Bear Hotel

Corrimal, 1885

Wollongong Hotel

Market Square, Wollongong, 1835-1855

Wollongong Hotel

Crown and Corrimal Streets, Wollongong, 1859-1862. Renamed Royal Hotel

Wollongong Hotel

Crown and Kembla Streets, Wollongong, 1900-1987

Woodstock Hotel

Jamberoo, 1880-1886

Woonona Hotel

Grey St and Princes Highway, Woonona, 1862-1881

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