Conrad Martens Archive

The life and times of an English / Australian landscape painter and watercolourist 1801-1878

Compiled by Michael Organ


Conrad Martens was an English landscape painter who specialised in the use of watercolour and adherence to picturesque techniques, reflecting the influence of fellow artists such as J.M.W. Turner. Martens arrived in Sydney, Australia, in 1835 via South America and a voyage on HMS Beagle, alongside the famous scientist Charles Darwin. He remained in Australia as a working artist and active member of the Sydney north shore community until his death in 1878. A number of books and exhibition catalogues have been published over the years describing his life and artistic output. This site contains research material relating to Martens' work, including lists of paintings, drawings and manuscript material such as letters and dairies. This material mostly arises out of research carried out by the author (Michael Organ) between 1985-93, and in collaboration with Frank McDonald's Thirty Victoria Street Conrad Martens research project during 1989.

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