The Legend of Baghdad College

By Dr Sabah Aris

At Christmas time, I was back Home
Where the past has slept, and memories roam,
Where the Palm Trees stand,
With Graceful pride,
That hides the pain,
They have inside,

I remembered when, from the cup of knowledge,
I came to drink,
And of a place we know,
I began to think,
Where the lessons of life,
I once have learned,
So, to Baghdad College, I now returned,

The streets were dark,
Yet I could see,
My withered desk,
At Class, One E

As I moved my hand, to touch the walls
I felt the bricks, begin to cry,
As neither of us,
Could say Goodbye…

The years will pass, and the walls will fall,
Yet the BC Legend, will stand up tall,
And always live, in you and I
For legends born,
Will never die …

The  Palm  Trees  of  Baghdad  College
In  Tribute  to  The  Jesuit  Fathers


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