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30th September 1997


This is to confirm that Markus Hagenbuchner worked for me as a Research Assistant/Programmer on 12-month research project sponsored by the Australian Defence Science & Technology Organisation. During this time he demonstrated his considerable skills in programming (C/C++ on Unix/PC), software development, and experimentation. Markus worked well as part of a team, and his English communication skills - both spoken and written - were first rate.

I supervised Markus for his B.Comp.Sci(Honours) Project "The Application of Neural Networks to Oblique-Incidence Ionograms". His research was of a sufficient high standard to subsequently have one conference paper and two journal articles published directly from his work.

Also I taught Markus in two honours/graduate subjects - CSCI964 Neual Networks and CSCI945 Parallel Computing. He consistently performed at the Distinction/High Distinction level in both.

During his time at the University of Wollongong, Markus also worked as a part-time Research Assistant/Programmer for A.Prof. David Edelman in the Department of Accountancy (helping to impart his knowledge of neural networks).

I also can vouch that Markus worked as a first-year tutor in Computer Science (C++ programming on Power Macintosh), and once again demonstrated his capability in this area.

I lend my unqualified support to Markus' attempts to return to Australia under "permanent resident" status. He has proved himself without question an asset which the country would greatly benefit from having. I would be only too happy to provide additional supporting evidence if you should so desire.

(signed John Fulcher)
John Fulcher,
Senior Lecturer, Computer Science,
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