Adaptive Ranking of Web Pages

A.C. Tsoi and G. Morini and F. Scarselli and M. Hagenbuchner and M. Maggini

In this paper, we consider the possibility of altering the PageRank of web pages, from an administrator's point of view, through the modification of the PageRank equation. It is shown that this problem can be solved using the traditional quadratic programming techniques. In addition, it is shown that the number of parameters can be reduced by clustering web pages together through simple clustering techniques. Again, this problem can be formulated and solved using quadratic programming techniques. It is demonstrated experimentally on a relatively large web data set, viz., the WT10g, that indeed, it is possible to modify the PageRanks of the web pages through the proposed method using a set of linear constraints. It is also shown that the PageRank of other pages in the web may be affected; and that the quality of the results depend on the clustering technique used.