Research Supervision


PhD Theses


2005 –

1.       Tootell, H. “Location Based Services and the Price of Security”

2.       Baker, V. “Understanding Managerial Preference for IT Investments”



Honours Bachelor Theses (* all theses are about 120 pages in length)



1.       McNamee, A. “Ethical issues arising from the real-time tracking and monitoring of people using GPS-based location services”

2.       Perusco, L. “Humancentric applications of precise location-based services”

3.       Johnston, K. “RFID privacy and security: a content analysis”

4.       Hendy, M. “Privacy and location-based services” (completed 6 month project only)

5.       McKeon, L. “Wi-fi drivers and inhibitors: the Australian context”

6.       Chew, T-Y. “The integration of positioning technologies for precise location identification”

7.       Gauci, R. “E-business solutions: complete versus segmented”

8.       Parker, K. “An investigation into GIS management strategies: a case study on one of Australia’s largest telecommunications carriers”

9.       Trevarthen, A. “The importance of utilizing electronic identification for total farm management: a case study of dairy farms on the south coast of NSW



10.   Alves, K. “Digital distribution music services and the demise of the traditional music industry: three case studies on, Napster and Kazaa”

11.   McCathie, L. “The advantages and disadvantages of barcodes and radio frequency identification in supply chain management”



12.   Sargent, J. “The digital aid framework: A conceptual, end-to-end technology integration platform for humanitarian (refugee) relief operations”

13.   Masters, A. “Humancentric applications of RFID: the current state of development”

14.   Moretti, D. “Killer mobile application or killer cocktail?” (completed 6 month project only)

15.   Wong, M-L. “Mobile adoption and diffusion  in the China market: 1998-2003”

16.   Cooper, R. “The structure of e-malls and their significance to business online”



17.   Stephens, M. “The motivation behind adoption of information technology in Australian small business: two case studies”



Annual Software Project Supervision



1.       Sogono, C., Cross, R., Nurmin, E., Heng, H. (2005). Enterprise Location Assertion Database [Computer Software] sponsored by Nortel Networks. Wollongong, Australia.

2.       Carnes, B., Cockroft, A., Mead, C., Yu, J. (2005). Vehicle Fleet Tracker [Computer Software] sponsored by Nortel Networks. Wollongong, Australia.

3.       Zeltzer, M., McSweyn, B., Ridland, M. (2005). RFID Smart Supermarket [Computer Software]. Wollongong, Australia.

4.       Jackson, A., Macci, G., Erskine, M.S., Turner, W. (2005). Mobile Conference Organiser [Computer Software]. Wollongong Australia: Red Carpet.



5.       Stiles, M. Green, M. C., Gorton, B. and Hendy, M. J. (2004). Mobile Location Centre (MLC) Entity Tracking [Computer Software] sponsored by Nortel Networks. Wollongong, Australia: A.D.E.P.T.

6.       Williams, D., Ceiley, P., Rupert, K., Blackhall, D. (2004). Ullysses [Computer Software] sponsored by University of California, Irvine. Wollongong, Australia: Underware.



7.       Soo, C. Y., Lee, W. S., Ong, K. E., & Yeo, S. L. (2003). GeoLocator (Version 1.0) [Computer Software]. Wollongong, Australia: SDNA.

8.       Fitzpatrick, A. J., McCabe, D. T., Morris, J. A. and Witham, R. R. (2003). Mobile Location Centre (MLC) Project [Computer Software] sponsored by Nortel Networks. Wollongong, Australia.

9.       Jones, T., Darwish, A., Burns, B. et al. (2003) Mobile Location Centre (MLC) Project (Computer Software) sponsored by Nortel Networks. Wollongong, Australia.



10.   Masters, A., Cooper, R., Ferraz, M. & Borgonsen, S. (2002). MapWorker Pro (Version 1.0) [Computer software] sponsored by MapInfo Australia. Wollongong, Australia: Random Pants.

11.   Hsien, Y. C., Zing, H. Y., Tai, L. F., Jee, K. W. K. & Kim, L. H. T. (2002). Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Search Software [Computer Software] sponsored by University of California, Irvine. Wollongong, Australia: TLGdb