Memberships            Ÿ    Member of the IEEE Societal Implications of Technology (since ’06)

·         Member of the IEEE (since ’05)

Ÿ         Member of the ACM (since ’05)

Ÿ         Member of the Research Network for a Secure Australia (RNSA, ‘05)

Ÿ         Member of Females in Information Technology (since ‘03)



Nominations             Ÿ    OCTAL Award Nomination in 2003

Ÿ         Women of the Year 2002 Nomination- Outstanding Women in Non-traditional Areas of Work and Study

Ÿ         Nortel’s Pan-Asia Women in Leadership Forum 2000




Web Moderator              Orthodox Page WebMaster/ Moderator since 2003 (Yahoo Groups)


Theatrical Productions    In English: Merchants of Venice, Oliver, Man for all Seasons, Medea

In Greek: Unexpected Visitor, Isle of Aphrodite


Poetry                           Writing free verse


Sport                            Outdoor Activities: Tennis, Surf boarding

Finalist Federation Cup, girls soccer 1992

First division grade tennis player, Marrickville Association 1989



Languages                English, Greek