Employment              Teaching, Research, Governance, Community Service



Nov 2005-                      Promoted to Senior Lecturer, SITACS, University of Wollongong



2002-2005                     Lecturer Level B, SITACS, University of Wollongong       


Teaching                       The classes I have taught can be classified in a number of ways: large groups (over 200 students) vs small groups (less than ten students), onshore (both at Wollongong and the Sydney Business School) vs offshore (Singapore), undergraduate vs postgraduate, existing vs newly introduced subjects, and subjects that were team-taught vs those that I fully coordinated and delivered. The average of my four best surveys is 5.8/6 indicating that I possess a particular strength in teaching and learning. I have completed ITT modules 1 & 2, and will begin 3 this year.


Subjects taught and coordinated include:

Ÿ         Business Online*

Ÿ         Case Studies in Information Technology (Location Based Services)*

Ÿ         Corporate Network Planning

Ÿ         Information and Communication Security Issues*

Ÿ         Information Technology & Innovation*

Ÿ         Information Technology Strategic Planning

Ÿ         Organisational Issues in Information Technology*

Ÿ         Principles of eBusiness*

Ÿ         Strategic eBusiness Solutions*

* Completely new lecture and tutorial material created.


                                    Innovation in teaching includes:

Ÿ         Marking criteria guidelines for assessments, online lecture notes

Ÿ         Two faculty service agreements (FSA)- a video production and online flexible delivery mind map as well as extra assessment help.

Ÿ         The use of Camtasia software for off-shore teaching purposes- 20hrs of lectures delivered in this format during SARS virus

Ÿ         The use of eduSTREAM, audio and visual equipment for lectures since 2002 as well as Online Material for all subjects taught


Teacher survey results, overall annual averages are:

Ÿ         5.6 (2002), 5.7 (2003), 5.8 (2004), 5.9 (2005)



Research                      Ÿ    Two successful small grant applications, two national grant applications pending submission in Feb 2006

·         About 30 refereed publications, including journal papers, book chapters, conference proceedings and case studies

·         Supervision of 16 honours bachelor students since 2002 and 2 PhDs

·         Supervision of 11 x 321 annual software projects on new media

·         Senior member of DSL-CeBAR research group (eBusiness research)

·         Study leave report for S2 2005 July 1st – December 31st

·         Workshop Program Chair “Social Implications of Information and Communication Security Measures on Citizens and Business”, 2006

·         Relevant research areas:

o        Mobile media/ Internet: automatic identification devices and techniques, wearable computing, ubiquitous computing, nanotechnology, bioethics, chipification, eBusiness, mBusiness, 2G/3G mobile, wireless Internet, broadband

o        societal impacts, policy implications, cultural and religious perspectives, values, national security location tracking devices, global positioning systems, proximity vs pinpoint services, geopolitics vs globalization, science fiction and hi-tech inventions, predictive and scenario-based studies

·         Main conceptual, theoretical approaches:

o        Narrative, grounded theory, historical, CST, innovation theory, systems of innovation, normative political philosophy

·         Main methodologies employed:

o        Qualitative: case study, usability context, interview, scenario

o        Quantitative: survey, questionnaire, content analysis


Governance                   Ÿ    Chair of the Academic Board of Studies- Information Technology

Ÿ         Member of the School Education Committee

Ÿ         Australian Computer Society Accreditation Team

Ÿ         Key member of the Curriculum Review Working Party- IT

Ÿ         Postgraduate Seminar Convener (SITACS Colloquium)

Ÿ         Member of the Internationalisation Research Committee

Ÿ         Coordinator of the Masters of Electronic Commerce degree (02/03)

Ÿ         Member of the Postgraduate Research Committee

Ÿ         Member of the Language and International Student Sub Committee

Ÿ         Publicity Officer for the Faculty of Informatics (2002-2004)

Ÿ         Participated in Early Entry Programs, Fun Days, Discovery Days


Community Service        Ÿ     Technical Editor for the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (JTAER)

Ÿ         I am a program committee member for the following workshops: 2nd International Workshop on Data Engineering in E-Commerce and Services (DEECS 2006), Third IEEE International Workshop on Wireless Commerce and Services (WMCS’06), Information Management and Business 2006 Doctoral Consortium, IFIP 2006

Ÿ         Guest reviewer for: Collecter Conferences (2003-2005), IDG Press, WMSCI (2004-2005), IEEE Mobile Business 2005, Information Resources Management Journal, Computer Science Education, Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology

Ÿ         Science Technology & Economic Progress (STEP) 2005 mentor

Ÿ         Examiner of two Postgraduate Research theses

Ÿ         Curriculum Advisory Committee for the Academy of IT in 2003-04

Ÿ         Three consultancies for Nortel Networks in 2002