1996-2001 Nortel Networks Australia, Senior Business & Network Planner


Duties Ÿ Conduct network planning studies for sales support (e.g. tenders)

         Pioneer GIS in network planning and transfer processes Asia-wide

         Build customer knowledge via geo-demographic market analysis

         Understand service requirements for specific market segments

         Map evolving services to technologies given technical and topographic constraints and a view of industry trends

         Design voice and data traffic models for metropolitan and/or wide area networks with such considerations as community-of-interest

         Understand network access, edge and core issues and products

         Technology focus on VoIP and 3G Mobile (spectrum auctions etc.)

         Generate Bill-of-Materials given an account product strategy

         Review high-level business plans for customers

         Create and deliver presentation packages to customers

         Lead, mentor and train other network planners

         Prime and manage projects and resource budgets


Skills Gained Ÿ Further detailed knowledge in the field of telecommunications

         Ability to absorb a lot of information quickly, take what is useful and apply it to solving a problem to meet a customer deadline

         Ability to work within a team environment across many time-zones

         Enhanced interpersonal skills given the number of projects completed and the requirement to liaise with internal and external contacts traversing cultural, political and social boundaries

         Expert skills attained in the use of numerous software packages

         Ability to manage time and resources to meet multiple project commitments


Country Project Focus Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan,

Philippines, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Taiwan


Business Travel To Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, United States, Canada, Interstate-Australia {enhanced cultural awareness gained}


Projects Conducted For PCCW/CSL, PowerCor, Downer Engineering, Lend Lease, Telstra,

China Unicom, CLEAR, Telstra Saturn, Uecomm, Vodafone, Cable & Wireless Optus (CWO), CyberPort, United Networks, CAT, Equant, Lit Cheong, SKT, PowerTel, NCIC, Formus, Bell Canada International (BCI), Bharti Telecom, PowerNet, NBN Television, Soul Pattinson Telecommunications (SPT), Transact, North Power, United Energy (UE), BellTel, VisionStream, Semaphore, Telstra, MCI WorldCom, CLEAR, Saturn, Koos Group Telecom (KGT), FET, Bayantel, ICC, ONSE Telecom, Hyundai, Reliance, Lanka Bell, Hutchison PCS, Telecom New Zealand (TCNZ)


Salary Salary in 2000 was >$100K (JCI3, Band 6) just below manager level




Jan 1996-June 1996 Andersen Consulting (Ampol/Caltex BPR), Systems Analyst

Ÿ Create programming standards for ABAP/4 development

         Write specifications and code the customer, material and direct banking interfaces for implementation into SAP R/3

         Use MS Access to manipulate master data used by the interface programs and ensure correct conversion of system components

         Upload customers, materials and plant data for the training database and system testing procedure

         Participate in online performance/stress test; integration testing of interfaces and build coaching material for change management

         Liaise with users after 'Go Live' to identify any additional requirements

Ÿ Enhanced communication skills within a team environment

         Ability to work under pressure to meet budget schedules




July 1994-Dec 1994 United Technologies-OTIS, Systems Analyst/Designer

Ÿ Construct a problem definition for a new training relational database

         Conduct interviews to gather information about employee skills

         Design an entity-relationship diagram showing necessary attributes

         Design the national training centre competency skills database

         Implement the solution using MS Access tables, queries, forms, reports and macros

         Prepare formal reports and present findings to management

Ÿ Ability to work without a great deal of supervision

         Make independent decisions whenever necessary about the direction of the project




Oct 1993-July 1994 Data Division, Proprietor/Desktop Publishing

         Word processing, page design and layout, desktop publishing

         Planning and designing promotional material for the business

         Customer service interfacing skills

         Understanding requirements and satisfying customer requests




Industry Training Network Planning Bootcamp, Web Publishing, IP/Data Certification, Application Service Providers, Nortel Networks Certified Account Specialist, Assertiveness Training, Internet Thruway (ITW) & Internet Call Waiting, CDMA Overview, Magellan Technical Specification, Advanced STEM Analysys, Nortel Technical Products Overview, Advanced MapBasic Programming, NetMate Architect- proprietary network design tool, Introduction to STEM Analysys, Network Management and Control CCS#7, DMS Engineering & Architecture, BC170 Introduction to ABAP/4 Certificate (SAP Australia).




Computer Skills Ÿ Geographic Information System Software: MapInfo Professional 6.5,

MapBasic 6.5, Vertical Mapper, ABS CDATA96, ABS Business

Register, Microsoft Access, SQL, RF Import, MapMarker Australia

Ÿ         Network Planning: Microsoft Excel, Netmate Architect, Copper & Cable Plant Tool, SDH Planner, Bandwidth Model

Ÿ         Business Planning: Microsoft Excel, Analysys STEM 6.2 (Strategic Telecommunications Evaluation Modelling)

Ÿ         Presentation Software: Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat, Word

Ÿ         Document Management Systems: OpenText Livelink 9.0, WebCT