1999-2003                                          Doctor of Philosophy, SITACS, University of Wollongong


Short Title: The Auto-ID Trajectory (download)

Long Title: The Technological Trajectory of the Automatic Identification Industry- The Application of the Systems of Innovation (SI) Framework for the Characterisation and Prediction of the Auto-ID Industry


Supervisors: Professor Joan Cooper, Associate Professor Carole Alcock

Examiners: Prof. Paula Swatman, Associate Professor Elaine Lawrence


Keywords: Bar Code, Magnetic-stripe Card, Smart Card, Biometrics, Radio-frequency Identification Tags and Transponders, Wearable Devices, Global Positioning Systems, Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Media, Location-Based Services, Application Centralisation, Convergence, Systems of Innovation, Evolutionary Economic Theory, Selection Environment, Technological Trajectory, Path Dependency



1997-1999                                          Master of Information & Communication Technology Honours (Upgrade)

Supervisor: Associate Professor Robyn Lindley

Federal Government Adoption Rates of Multi-Application Smart Cards



1994-1996                                          Bachelor of Information Technology (merit)

University of Technology, Sydney (cooperative scholarship)


Project Supervisor: Professor Jenny Edwards

Title: The Social Implications of Smart Cards (awarded 90%)


Industry Placements: United Technologies, Andersen Consulting



         Information Systems, Systems Analysis, Business Requirements Analysis, Systems Design, Business Systems Design, Database, Online Systems, Social Implications of Computers

         Principles of Marketing, Accounting Fundamentals, Economics, Financial Management, Management Control Systems, Auditing

         Information Technology Strategy, Organisation Theory for IT Professionals, Information Technology Planning & Design, Applications of Information Technology, Management Principles for IT Professionals, Project Management

         Computer Systems Architecture, Operating Systems, Communications & Networks

         Programming Principles, Discrete Mathematics, Software Engineering, Probability & Statistics



1988-1993 Higher School Certificate TER 96.7%

2/3R English, 3U Maths, 3U Economic, 2U Geography, 2U Computing

         Dux of St Spyridon College (Y12)

         2nd in the State of NSW for 2 Unit Geography