Jennifer Roma Seberry (Wallis)



Emeritus Professor and Former Head, Department of Computer Science.
Former Director, Centre for Computer Security Research, University of Wollongong.

Dr Seberry graduated PhD in Computation Mathematics from La Trobe University in 1971. She has subsequently held positions at the Australian National University, The University of Sydney and University College, The Australian Defence Force Academy, The University of New South Wales. She has published extensively in Discrete Mathematics and is world renown for her new discoveries on Hadamard matrices, orthogonal designs and statistical designs. In 1970 she co-founded the series of conferences known as the xxth Australian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing.

  • She started Teaching in Cryptology and Computer Security in 1980. She is especially interested in cryptographic algorithms, authentication and privacy, In 1987 at University College, ADFA, she founded the Centre for Computer and Communications Security Research to be a resevoir of expertise for the Australian community.

  • Her studies of the application of discrete mathematics and combinatorial computing via bent functions, S-box design, has led to the design of secure cryptoalgorithms and strong hashing algorithms for secure and reliable information transfer in networks and telecommunications. Her studies of Hadamard matrices and orthogonal designs is applied in CDMA technologies.

  • In 1990 she founded the AUSCRYPT/ASIACRYPT series of International Cryptologic Conferences in the Asia/Oceania area.

  • She has supervised 31 sucessful PhD candidates, has over 450 scholarly papers and eight books.