Intellectual Suppression: Australian Case Histories, Analysis and Responses

edited by Brian Martin, C. M. Ann Baker, Clyde Manwell and Cedric Pugh

(Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1986), 304 pages. ISBN 0 207 15132 6

Out of print. Some copies are available from Brian Martin at no cost, with priority for libraries, organisations supporting dissent and dissidents outside Australia.

Entire book, pdf, 20MB

Contents, contributors, acknowledgements, pp. iii-xi: pdf

Introduction, pp. 1-7: html and pdf

Part One: Cases

Jean Buckley-Moran, Australian scientists and the cold war, pp. 11-23: html and pdf

Evan Jones and Frank Stilwell, Political economy at the University of Sydney, pp. 24-38: html and pdf

Clyde Manwell and C. M. Ann Baker, "Not merely malice": the University of Tasmania versus Professor Orr, pp. 39-49: pdf

Prejudice in granting research grants, pp. 50-58: html and pdf

Brian Martin, Academic exploitation, pp. 59-62: html and pdf

Professors, promotions and politics, pp. 63-69: pdf

Richard Routley and Val Plumwood, The "Fight for the Forests" affair, pp. 70-73: html and pdf

Peter Springell, For the freedom to comment by scientists, pp. 74-78: html and pdf

Brian Martin, Science policy under the whip, pp. 79-86: html and pdf

Fruit fly, free speech and academic justice in Adelaide: pdf

Preventing preventive medicine, pp. 123-163: pdf

Brian Martin. Archives of suppression, pp. 164-181: html and pdf

Part Two: Analysis

Brian Martin, Elites and suppression, pp. 185-199: html and pdf

Cheryl Hannah, Who listens when women speak? The struggle for feminist critique in universities, pp. 200-212: html and pdf

Stuart Rees, Authoritarianism in state bureaucracies: the psychology of bureaucratic conformity, pp. 213-223: pdf

Cedric Pugh, In the twilight zone: academic and human rights, pp. 224-239: pdf

Part Three: Responses

Editors, Options for dissidents, pp. 243-252: html and pdf

Brian Martin and Clyde Manwell, Publicising suppression, pp. 253-256: html and pdf

Brian Martin, Suppression and social action, pp. 257-263: html and pdf

Clyde Manwell and C. M. Ann Baker, Evaluation of performance in academic and scientific institutions, pp. 264-300: pdf

Index, pp. 301-304: pdf


From the back cover:
In Australia, as in other modern western democracies, the right to freedom of speech and inquiry is unquestioned. But do such freedoms exist, simply because we believe in them?

This book documents case histories of intellectual suppression occurring within the Australian academic and scientific community. Suppression may involved the blocking of funds, the denial of promotion or publication, outright harassment, the subtle undermining of reputation or, in its most extreme form, dismissal.

Intellectual Suppression examines the incidence of suppression in academic and scientific organisations and analyses it as a feature of wider power structures in society. Ways of opposing suppression are considered and detailed information is provided on how teaching and research are evaluated so that dissidents can challenge the official excuses often given for dismissal or blocked promotion.

The editors have all had first-hand experience with suppression cases and have studied the phenomenon extensively. With their own and invited contributions, they have compiled an invaluable handbook on a little-studied aspect of the academic and scientific world that has serious implications for the rest of society.

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