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Maintaining adequate free blocks and free inodes

If free blocks or free inodes make up less than 10 percent of the space on any volume, the performance of writes and creates can suffer. You should check to ensure that you system has adequate free blocks and free inodes.


  1. Enter one of the following commands:
    If you want to check ... Enter this command...
    Free blocks df
    Free inodes df -I
  2. Do one of the following as necessary:
    • If over 90 percent of blocks are used, increase blocks by adding disks to the volume’s containing aggregate or by deleting Snapshot copies.
    • If fewer than 10 percent of inodes are free, increase inodes by deleting files or using the maxfiles command.

    For more information about deleting Snapshot copies, see the na_snap(1) man page and the Data ONTAP Block Access Management Guide for iSCSI and FCP.

    For more information about the maxfiles command, see the na_maxfiles(1) man page.