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Displaying the status of a scan

You can display the status of a scan, including the state, schedule, interval, optimization, and log file.


  1. Enter the following command: reallocate status [-v] [pathname | aggr_name]

    • pathname is the path to the LUN, file, or volume for which you want to see reallocation scan status.
    • aggr_name is the name of the aggregate for which you want to see reallocation scan status.
    • If you do not specify a value for pathname or aggr_name, then the status for all scans is displayed.

    The reallocate status command displays the following information:

    • State—whether the scan is in progress or idle.
    • Schedule—schedule information about the scan. If there is no schedule, then the reallocate status command displays n/a.
    • Interval—intervals at which the scan runs, if there is no schedule defined.
    • Optimization—information about the LUN layout.
    • Logfile—the name of the logfile for a measure-only scan, if a detail logfile was specified.
    • Hot spot optimization—displayed only for scheduled reallocation jobs.