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FlexShare and the buffer cache policy values

You can use FlexShare to give Data ONTAP a hint about how to manage the buffer cache for that volume.

Note: This capability only provides a hint to Data ONTAP. Ultimately, Data ONTAP makes the final determination about buffer reuse, based on multiple factors including your input.
The buffer cache policy can be one of the following values:
  • keep

    This value tells Data ONTAP to wait as long as possible before reusing the cache buffers. This value can improve performance for a volume that is accessed frequently, with a high incidence of multiple accesses to the same cache buffers.

  • reuse

    This values tells Data ONTAP to make buffers from this volume available for reuse quickly. You can use this value for volumes that are written but rarely read, such as database log volumes, or volumes for which the data set is so large that keeping the cache buffers will probably not increase the hit rate.

  • default

    This value tells Data ONTAP to use the default system cache buffer policy for this volume.