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Troubleshooting BMC connection problems

If you are having difficulty connecting to the BMC, you should verify that you are using a secure shell client and that the IP configuration is correct.


  1. Verify that you are using a secure shell client to connect to the BMC.
  2. From the storage system, verify the BMC is online and the IP configuration is correct by entering the following command at the storage system prompt: bmc status
  3. From the administration host, test the network connection for the BMC by entering the following command: ping bmc_IP_address
  4. If the ping fails, do one of the following:
    • Verify that the BMC network port on the back of the storage system is cabled and active. For more information, see the Installation and Setup Instructions for your storage system.
    • Verify that the BMC has a valid IP address. At the storage system, enter the bmc setup command to use the DHCP server or assign a valid IP address.
    • Verify that the administration host has a route to the BMC.
  5. From the storage system prompt, reboot the BMC by entering the following command: bmc reboot

    Note: It takes approximately one minute for the BMC to reboot.

  6. If the BMC does not reboot, repeat Steps 2 through 5. If the BMC still does not reboot, contact technical support for assistance.