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How to use the NOW site for help with errors

The NOW site is a powerful resource to help you diagnose and solve problems with your storage system.

The NOW site includes the following tools:
  • Knowledgebase Solutions

    A database of technical tips and articles to help with specific errors and problems. To access this tool, select Service & Support to access the natural language search tool. Make sure that the Knowledgebase Solutions check box is selected.

    You can also browse the Knowledgebase by selecting Browse the Knowledgebase.

  • Bugs Online

    NetApp provides information about known issues and any workarounds using this tool. To access Bugs Online, select Service & Support > Bugs Online & Release Tools.

    If you know the bug ID, you can view the information for that particular bug. Otherwise, you can use either the Bugs Online search capabilities or the natural language search as described for the Knowledgebase Solutions tool to search for a bug that matches your issue.

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