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Core dump writing

A core dump file contains the contents of memory and NVRAM. Core dumps are written over reserved sections of any working disk owned by the local storage system.

When a core dump is created, it is stored in uncompressed format if sufficient space is available; otherwise, it is stored in compressed format. If there is insufficient space to store a complete core dump in compressed format, the core dump is canceled.
Note: If the failed storage system belongs to an active/active pair and options cf.takeover.on_panic is enabled, a core dump file is written to a spare disk on that system.

Core dump files are not compatible between Data ONTAP releases because where the core starts on disks depends on the release. Because of this incompatibility, Data ONTAP might fail to find a core dump file dumped by another release.

You use the following option to control core dump file creation:
Option Description Default value
coredump.dump.attempts Controls how many attempts are made to create a core dump file. 2

For more information about these options, see the na_options(1) man page.