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The /etc/usermap.cfg file and the /etc/quotas file

The /etc/usermap.cfg file is used by Data ONTAP to map user names. The /etc/quotas file consists of entries to specify a default or explicit space or file quota limit for a qtree, group, or user.

The /etc/usermap.cfg and /etc/quotas files support two types of encoding: Unicode and root volume UNIX encoding. As a result, you can edit the files from either a PC or a UNIX workstation. Data ONTAP can detect whether a file was edited and saved by a Unicode-capable editor, such as Notepad. If so, Data ONTAP considers all entries in the file to be in Unicode. Otherwise, Data ONTAP considers the entries to be in the root volume UNIX encoding. Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) entities are allowed only in the root volume UNIX encoding.