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Getting detailed information about a counter

Getting detailed information about a counter helps you understand and process the information you get from a stats command.


  1. Enter the following command: stats explain counters object_name [counter_name]

    • object_name is the name of the object the counter is associated with.
    • counter_name is the name of the counter you want more details about. If counter_name is omitted, information about all counters on the specified object is returned.

    The following fields are returned for every specified counter:

    • Name
    • Description
    • Properties
      The Properties field describes the type of information that is returned by this counter. Properties include the following types:
      • percent for values that are a percentage value, such as cpu_busy
      • rate for values that describe a value per time, such as disk_data_read
      • average for values that return an average, such as write_latency
      • raw for simple values that have no type, such as num_processors
    • Unit
      The Unit field describes how value returned by this counter can be interpreted. The Unit field can be in one of the following groups of values:
      • percent for counters with a Properties of percent
      • The unit per time period for counters with a Properties of rate, such as kb_per_sec or per_sec.
      • The time unit for counters that return timing values, such as write_latency

Example stats explain counters command

toaster> stats explain counters system cpu_busy
Counters for object name: system
Name: cpu_busy
Description: Percentage of time one or more processors is busy in the system
Properties: percent
Unit: percent