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Getting SAS adapter and expander information

You can display information about the SAS adapters and expanders used by the storage subsystem.


You use the sasstat or the sasadmin command to display information about the SAS adapters and expanders. The sasstat command is an alias for the sasadmin command.


  1. Enter one of the following commands:
    Command Description
    sasstat expander Displays configuration information for a SAS expander.
    sasstat expander_map Displays product information for the SAS expanders attached to the SAS channels in the storage system.
    sasstat expander_phy_state Displays the physical state of the SAS expander.
    sasstat adapter_state Displays the state of a logical adapter.
    sasstat dev_stats Displays statistics for the disk drives connected to the SAS channels in the controller.
    sasstat shelf Displays a pictorial representation of the drive population of a shelf.
    sasstat shelf_short Displays the short form of the sasstat shelf command output.

    For more information, see the na_sasadmin(1) man page.