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Getting Fibre Channel information

You can display Fibre Channel information such as the link statistics for all disks on a loop, internal Fibre Channel driver statistics, and the relative physical positions of drives on a loop.


  1. Enter one of the following commands:
    Command Description
    fcstat link_stats Displays link statistics for disks on a loop. This display includes the link failure count, the loss of sync count, the loss of signal count, the invalid cyclic redundancy check (CRC) count, the frame in count, and the frame out count.
    fcstat fcal_stats Displays internal statistics kept by the Fibre Channel driver. The Fibre Channel driver maintains statistics about various error conditions, exception conditions, and handler code paths executed.
    fcstat device_map Displays the relative physical positions of drives on a loop and the mapping of devices to disk shelves.

    Note: You can also get Fiber Channel information, either interactively or with a script, using the fcp object for the stats command.

    For more information about the fcstat command, see the na_fcstat(1) man page.