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The UPS shutdown options

Data ONTAP provides two configurable values, warningtime and criticaltime, to help you manage your storage system in case of a power outage.

Note: Using the ups set-limits command, you can set the UPS battery critical time and warning time for all UPS devices or for a specific UPS device by specifying its IP address. You can display the UPS battery critical time and warning time by using the ups print-limits command. For more information, see the na_ups(1) man page.

For many environments, you can simply use the default values of five minutes for warningtime and one minute for criticaltime. However, you are advised to make sure that these values are set appropriately for your environment to avoid any data loss in case of a power outage. The warningtime value should give you enough time to do whatever manual processes you need to do prior to system shutdown, and criticaltime should provide enough time for the system to shut down cleanly.

If you decide that you need to change these values, you can do so using the registry command.
Attention: You are strongly advised to contact technical support before changing the shutdown event timing values.